Maine gun laws

The Sun Journal article, "Maine guns for Mass. drugs: Bay State criminals find Pine Tree State a great place to buy guns, sell drugs," states that there are “... no indications that gun laws in Maine ... will change any time soon.”

But why?

Maine gun laws do not merely protect the rights of sportsmen and women and other upstanding citizens to bear arms. “In Maine, a person can buy a gun fairly easily. Thumb through a swap magazine, contact a seller and fork over the cash. You have a firearm, whether it’s a sawed-off shotgun or a semi-automatic handgun.”

Every gun starts life as a legal weapon, but guns seep into the sewer of illegal street weapons through porous drains such as Uncle Henry’s and gun shows. Why would any honest citizen object to banning such unregulated gun sales?

The “Pentagon Shooter,” John Patrick Bedell, with a long history of mental illness, bought his two handguns without a background check at a Nevada gun show.

Imagine our shame should Maine someday be identified as the source of guns used in such an attack; or of weapons used in a terrorist attack such as took place at Fort Hood; or in an incident such as the shootings at Virginia Tech.

I hope Maine citizens will not be hoodwinked by the strong gun lobby that, by stonewalling and demonizing much-needed legislation to regulate gun sales, ownership and safety, supports the rights of criminals to arm themselves and to harm honest citizens.

Sheila Leavitt, Newton, Mass.

Editor's note: Writer Sheila Leavitt asked the Sun Journal Friday to note that she grew up in Turner and owns property in South Paris, where she spends her summers.

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 's picture


Imagine the local used car dealer who sold a vehicle to someone who killed a family of four on their way home from the movies because he was drunk.  Murder is character issue, Dr.  It matters not what the device used to commit the act.  If someone wants to go on a murderous rampage, he doesn't need a gun to do it (see Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden, countless others).  Would you like to outlaw anything that can be used to commit mass murder?  How about airplanes, too? This is not an issue of safety for you, Doc, so stop hiding behind your ideology.  You don't like guns...period.  If this was about safety, you would want to ban cars...they are involved in far more fatalities than guns are.  But since you don't like guns, I'll make sure I don't use mine to protect you. 

 's picture

Off-topic rant? 

Off-topic rant?  Hardly..."Dr." I have actually spent considerable time around criminals and I can tell you categorically that they don't give two hoots about laws telling them they can't have guns.  I can also tell you that they will choose an unarmed target over an armed one at every opportunity.  My ideology?  We don't need more laws.  We need government out of the face of the law-abiding.  More gun laws only punish the law-abiding; they do not deter the criminal.   There are already laws in place that do what you claim needs to be done.  We don't punish the law-abiding because others violate the law. 

RONALD RIML's picture

Not only that....

Much more than 'Smooth trigger squeeze'

A good grip, firm control, accurate sighting, continual breathing, etc....

A may be a flaming liberal on the boards here, but in a previous life was a State Certified Police Firearms Instructor who consistantly scored 'Master' class in combat competitive shooting.

My epiphany was learning the 'Weaver Stance' shooting technique in which an isosceles triangle is formed, with equal, but opposing forces formed by the arm/hands gripping the gun to steady it, quick, smooth non-anticipatory trigger squeeze, three shot burst (two center mass - 3rd to the head).

I can be the azzhole I am here because - well, just because....   ;)  


RONALD RIML's picture

C'mon Doc.... Get up here and

C'mon Doc....

Get up here and perform a 'Short-arm Inpection' or two on these folks.

It'll give you some insight as to their inadequecies and psychological overcompensations.


 's picture

Well...I certainly do

Well...I certainly do appreciate the peer-reviewed study.  However, when I was in college we were required to offer studies offering opposing viewpoints so readers could make an unbiased, yet informed, decision.  Studies can be manipulated, Doc.  Anyone who has done research knows that. 

RONALD RIML's picture

When Phyllis Schlafly goes in Drag....

Ever see a Gun Nut "offer studies offering opposing viewpoints so readers could make an unbiased, yet informed, decision."

 's picture I am Phyllis I am Phyllis Schlafly in drag?  What a great, well-researched response.  Beautiful...

 's picture


Imagine our shame when one of our senators is so drunk he drives off a bridge then waits 8 hours or longer to let the authorities know he has accidentally murdered a lover.  Imagine our shame when the state of Maine is found to be full of hypocrits? just like the residents of Mass?  Right on Maine.  Gun control in Mass is very strict, yet it hardly deters criminal activity.  Imagine our shame when Maine becomes a GUN FREE zone and our families are victimized by individuals who don't care about laws, that is why you call them criminals.  No thanks Mass, I'll keep my guns.

 's picture

If the Snowshoe Fits etc.

Dr Leavitt, first of all I would like to applaud your efforts.  My Precious weapons as you call them, are like your surgeons scapels, and other things you use in your day to day activities.  From 1963 onward to today, my profession required that I be armed with a firearm, and know how to safely use it.  I have undergone numerous background checks to determine my suitability.  A criminal who desires to own a firearm, or any other weapon, can easily obtain them without having to bother with a short trip to Maine, NH, Vermont or even Canada.  Disarming the honest citizen serves no purpose, for example look at the Aussies, who chose to surrender their firearms and souls.  I am sorry that innocent people are hurt.  However, I would rather not have a Nazi germany either.  Thanks for reading this.  I too, attended Leavitt in the Early 1960's, class of '63.

RONALD RIML's picture

Combat Action Ribbon!!!

Congratulations, Doctor!!

If you're attacked in Michelle Malkin's whack-job column - you've obviously fought against Hate and the Anti-American Way.

Now 'taxpayer' - I trust you are filing a complaint with the appropriate boards to follow-up on this liddle, above reproach discovery you've made?

Or are you just going to drop a fart in church and leave...

Let's see what you are made of.....

No balls - no glory.

 's picture

What a Crock

"Imagine our shame should Maine someday be identified as the source of guns used in such an attack"

Are you kidding me?  The only shame I can see is if we let someone from Mass tell us how to run our State.  Let Mass clean up their own act and we'll worry about ourselves without your help or input.

RONALD RIML's picture

Uncle Henry's - Anyone????

Like forbidding felons from having guns will prevent them from obtaining them.....

PAUL MATTSON's picture

ignoRANT statements.

Private citizens selling firearms to a prohibited person places themselves in serious civil and criminal jeopardy under existing Maine and federal law.

You can find many exiting laws here:

RONALD RIML's picture

Jeopardy? It's a Game!!!

PjM writes:  "Private citizens selling firearms to a prohibited person places themselves in serious civil and criminal jeopardy under existing Maine and federal law."

Odds are they'll never come under the radar of law enforcement unless someone screws up big time.  Most folks who need a firearm for each finger and toe on their bodies are well aware of this....



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