Nothing positive to add

Kudos to David Marquis for his excellent and truthful letter, March 13.

The twisted ideology and misleading information from the media, especially from the far right and left is shameful. Their only interest is to improve their ratings and not the truth.

Many people blame the current Obama administration for all the problems in this country. Where were these people during the previous administration?

When the Clinton administration left office, it handed over a budget that operated in the black and cut down the federal deficit. Their system worked.

The Bush administration left office and handed the current administration a $550 billion deficit, along with other major issues. Their system did not work.

Now we have these same hypocritical Republicans having issues with the current spending in Washington? These are the same people who have dug in their heels, refused to pass any legislation (even legislation they have proposed) and are content in having this country remain stagnant while they threaten to filibuster all legislation and focus only on their next election.

They have nothing positive to add, but have all types of excuses why it won’t work, all the while ignoring the American people.

They don’t seem to have any issues with spending American tax dollars to do nothing, although it adds to the same deficit they are screaming about.

It’s time to get rid of the hypocritical clowns in Washington and not add to them. Let’s bring back common sense in this country and get something done.

Ray Demers, Lisbon

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Ray St. Onge's picture

your are right

voisine, I do see the Democrats have courage. I takes a lot of courage to destroy a country. But please, keep your ignoRANTS to yourself. With your name calling you prove you have nothing to offer but ignoRANTS.

RONALD RIML's picture

So Barb - tell us about the

So Barb - tell us about the "Chicago Strong Armed Politics" that you know Obama worked....

I personally know some Illinois politicians who've wound up in 'Club Fed' - one's still there.

Perhaps you didn't register your name here due to criminal connections?


 's picture

the truth

Americans are splitt 50/50 on health reform, except for the phony FOX News?? Randomuse poll.   Let's hope the Democrats use every trick learn from the Republicans to get this done.   Remember a very different and better piece of legislation would be passed if the Republicans would allow an up or down vote on a conference bill, but since the party of NO refuses, they force the tactics Democrats are using.  Will the American people realize that the Republicans refuse to help America?  We'll see.

Ray St. Onge's picture

check other polls

Well, checked Gallup's poll from the beginning of the month and it was 48-45 against the bill.

Republicans are trying to keep the country from going over the edge. Tron, Republicans are NOT OPPOSED to health care reform. No matter how many times you repeat it, it will not make it so. Republicans are opposed to this particular incrediably bad piece of legislation.

I know you believe the government is the answer, but it is not. Government is the problem.

 's picture

the poll

you cite is within the margin of error, as is every poll, Americans is pretty evenly divide on this issue.   Republican do NOT want to improve health care, since they've  opposed it every time it has been brought, first by President Clinton,  now President Obama.  During the eight years of their stranglehold on American politics they did NOTHING.  Get that, they did NOTHING.  Now they say they have all sorts of ideas if only the Democrats would start anew.  Well the American people believes that tripe for only so long, and, as a patriotic American and a Democrat, I do not believe the republicans anymore.  IF they truly believed in health reform, they would allow a straight up or down vote on a conference report.  They don't have to vote for it, but just allow a vote.  Doesn't that seem like the American way of doing things?

Ray St. Onge's picture

I guess we will have to wait

I guess we will have to wait until November. My prediction is the Democrats will lose the House and will have an extremely small majority in the Senate. Since this will only hurt the economy, President Obama will be a one term President and the Republicans will then have both Chambers and will push to undo this disastrous legislation.

Ray St. Onge's picture

half the effort

voisine, if you would put half the effort in do actually finding out what is going on and not waste time cutting and pasting the same comment on all the stories, you might actually see the Republicans are trying to same the country from the disaster the the Democrats are pushing us towards.

Ray St. Onge's picture


Voisine, it is obvious you can see history clearly. Please go back and look. Who claimed Saddam had WMDs? Saddam did. He never denied it.

As for tax cuts, please go back and look at the country in 1980,  double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment, high inflation. President Reagan came in, cut taxes, the economy turned around.

Kevin Murphy's picture

Who't to blame.

"Many people blame the current Obama administration for all the problems in this country"

I don't blame the Obama administration for all the problems in this country but I do blame him for being a single issue president for the first 15 months of his presidency.  I also blame him for trying to ram the health care bill down our throats.  From the beginning the process has been shady and now it's just getting ridiculous.

Bob Stone's picture

No Worries Tron

Tron apparently sits home and posts all day on his computer.  He's probably among the 45% of American households who pay no federal income tax.  The rest of us are signing off to get ready for work to support Tron.

The 55% of us pulling the wagon that Tron is riding on are getting pretty tired of it.

As for Ray Demers, well, there are no pills for Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Maybe it will wear off with time.

Gotta go to work!  See ya posts tonite, Tronnie!



RONALD RIML's picture

Dean - 9/11 wasn't an ATM for

Dean - 9/11 wasn't an ATM for Bush......

C'mon.  The U.S. Defense Budget accounts for just about half of the world's total military spending -

And we couldn't stop nineteen whacked-out religious nut-jobs from killing almost 3,000 on U.S. soil??

It's not a question of spending MORE money, but in spending our money wiser.

And not starting stupid wars that waste money and lives over BS.

RONALD RIML's picture

John Kerry was castigated for

John Kerry was castigated for stating 9/11 was a Law Enforcement Issue....

He wasn't wrong after all.

We historically had many Fiefdoms of alphabet soup initials all unwilling to share information (and in many cases, unable to do so even if willing.)

In the law enforcement and Intel communties - 'Knowledge is Power' - and once that knowledge or intel is shared, that agency, office, or team has psychologically 'relinquished' power.  It's a self-defeating attitude, but one maintained nonetheless that harms all involved.  Unfortunately, there's some real egos involved - or at least were - when I was involved with 'information handling.'

But reference DOD.

Just who is it that we're threatened by that we require a Navy the size of the next thirteen Navies in size?  Etc, etc, ad infinatum.  

 's picture

Hypocrites equal republicans

There was a report issued yesterday that 113 republicans who voted AGAINST the stimulus package  ponied  up to the trough to get hunks of change for their districts.  They condemned it and voted against it on one hand then held out the other to rake it in.  How can the American people trust a republican, when they are so two faced?

RONALD RIML's picture

What??  Have they no

What??  Have they no shame????

 's picture

Apparently Not

To be fair there were two democrats who voted against the stimulus bill who also ponied up to get stimulus bucks.  What makes it even more outrageous are the republicans who touted that they brought home the bacon without ever being challenged by FOX News.  So much for fair and balanced.


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