Catholic school drama

On March 11, Georg Ratzinger, brother of Pope Benedict XVI, stated that he slapped pupils as punishment after he took over a boys' choir in 1960.

Hello? Those of us who were raised Catholic and attended parochial schools (run by nuns or brothers) during the 1940-1970 era knew that if you did wrong, physical abuse (by a belt or large stick) was acceptable. One nun, nicknamed "Sister Bulldog," had no problem whacking her students.

Psychological abuse was done on a monthly basis. The priest would visit each classroom and call your name. You stood up while he read out loud all the grades listed on your report card. When your monthly grade on a subject was 29, you wanted to crawl under your desk. Instead, you were forced to say, "Thank you, Father," and sit down.

After a school year, no one knew if he or she had been promoted. On the first day of the new school year, you returned to your old classroom. Names were read for those who were promoted. One year, I was the last student to make the grade. Three were left behind. I'm approaching 68, yet one never forgets things like that.

The era of religious vocation has nearly come to an end. While the military is expanding, people do not need religious groups to further their education. Now one can seek Uncle Sam, where individuals can legally release all their pent-up aggressions.

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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RONALD RIML's picture

Get your Bash-ees straight...

Old Bill -

Hate Catholics?  No, I criticize a hypocritical  Catholic Church.  Having belonged for thirty-some years, and having attending Catholic School through my sophomore year of H.S. I've spent my time in the trenches........

So BTDT, learned the drill and earned every right.....

And I also jump on 'Thumpers' who are another bastion of hypocrisy!!!

 's picture


Too many rights in the world today.  When we as children grew up, everyone in the neighborhood watched out for everyone else's kids.  Parents were allowed to spank, or appropriately discipline their children.  A good physical whack or even the threat of one should be enough to keep a child in good behavior.  Take away all the cell phones, over protective parents who insist that their child can do NO Wrong, and tell them about life in the 1950's... most kids today are by my opinion just spoiled rotten.  They really don't understand hard work.  The Internet didn't exist when we went to school.  We had to use books and the dreaded "card catalog" to find what we wanted in a library.  Do your kids even know where the building is and do they know that founder of US Steel Dale C. established a trust fund to build libraries because he knew the importance of knowledge in the life of each of us.

Reason that the liberals, and the liberal Supreme Court decisions over the last 60 yrs have sent us all into a period where you can't discipline your own children or at least the most you can do is take away their cell phone.  You may not even be able to yell at them as that is considered Verbal Abuse... can you believe it?  No hitting, or yelling at your own children and they can take you to court for this.... NO, NO, NO, ... too wrong... and I won't even discuss their rights to speak or write in a language that is just excessively grammatically incorrect.  Reason with me, we need to change the laws relating to the family in this country... if we don't what will happen in the next generations?  I fear to even imagine.

RONALD RIML's picture

'Reason' Can't follow Directions

'Reason' wants to 'reason' - yet couldn't even reasonably follow directions by registering here with his/her name.

So 'Reason' (or lack thereof) does not wish to take personal responsibility for what they author here.

Sound Reasonable?

Give me a freakin' break!!!!!



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There are several others who

There are several others who attend these forums, of whom the same things could be said.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who were the right wing wacko

Who were the right wing wacko presidents?

 's picture


In this perfect world, we all need a perfect something so it might as well be something that we cannot see or touch.  Of course, imagine if the religions of this country had to pay taxes.  Many of the churches would have to centralize into one building and share expenses, etc.  All Christians worshiping in one building, even at different times.  I guess this would lessen the problem that the Catholic Church has with not enough  priests.  When churches burn, other churches or synagogue's invite those less fortunate to share their building.  Why couldn't this be the norm instead of the exception?  What if as in the movie "The Shoes of the Fisherman" the Catholic Church sold off it art treasures to help the world by financing the causes it so often promotes instead of collecting from the worshipper who still attend.  Imagine further if hospitals and colleges were also taxed.  This would be a wonderful thing.  Nonprofit hospitals, bull ... Colleges would merely pass part of the expense on to students and stop building, but continue to seek contributions from alumni to assist and off set expenses.  Bates, CMMC, St. Mary's and all the local churches and local religious schools SHOULD PAY TAXES, not just a fair share of water and sewer, etc... Add these to the local tax rolls and watch the local taxes go down, property valuations go up, the quality of education in local schools might go up, but just putting money into the problem will not make it better.  This is a discussion for another time, however, consider the proposed education reform of this president and then be ready for a heated discussion.  I, Reason, that there is no such thing as a tax exempted hospital, church or business.  Stand up and demand that the laws covering such an issue be repealed.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Old George had it all figured

Old George had it all figured out. Wonder where he's hanging out these days.



Like mother Teresa, The Jesus Party has no money. We work with the poor. You need prayer. I will pray for you, not prey on you! Wow!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And you do a great job at

And you do a great job at what you do. Lewiston would be a lesser place without you.

 's picture


I think they did a little more to the boys choir than just slapping, unless that's what you're calling it now.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Many of us here have been

Many of us here have been through the Catholic School system having been raised in the Faith and have left the Church as adults. Many are bitter and lash out at the Church at every opportunity while others just say nothing and watch in sorrow while the Church self-destructs. As a watcher, I wonder what took place in the lives of those who lash out that has caused them to be so bitter against the Church in their adulthood. It is an interesting phenomenon.  

RONALD RIML's picture

RC chapter of NAMBLA

At least there are longer choirs of 'Castrata' - Beautiful voices, but an agonizing and brutal procedure.

Ended only when the Choirmasters added 'Teabagging' to their repertoire.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The only accurate and

The only accurate and appropriate use of "Teabagging" I've seen in these forums. Your erudition is impressive.

RONALD RIML's picture

- And all without bondage???

- And all without bondage???


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