Obama to visit Maine

LEWISTON — President Obama will visit Maine on Thursday, April 1.

Representatives of Maine's Congressional delegation made the announcement Friday morning after receiving an official notice from the White House.

Obama will visit the Portland area for a discussion of health care reform, said Ed Gilman, press secretary for Rep. Michael Michaud (D- Maine).

No further details are available.

This will mark Obama's first stop in Maine since becoming president. He last visited in 2008, when he attended a campaign rally in Bangor.

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 's picture

Obama Has done nothing but lie and breed corruption

I can't believe the number of people that continue supporting this man despite the fact that a little research and simply paying attention to what he says, shows his agenda is not to protect America and the constitution that made us the most wealthy and free society in the world..... EVER.

It makes me laugh to hear how anyone that opposes him just hates poor people and cringe to think about helping. Americans are the most generous and helpful people in the world. Why do they think they have to FORCE us to pay even more to "those less fortunate"? They don't have to.... it just fits their agenda of domination over the people of this country. 

Wake up people.... by the end of this term we will not recognize this country. Look at what has been taken over since this administration (both the president and the Democratic majority) have taken the reins. They have taken over the auto industry, the insurance industry, banking, millions of acres of land, the housing market, student loans, education.... and now healthcare. Where does free democracy rein? It no longer does unless the rest of you stop drinking the kool-aid. 

The healthcare industry needed some work - there is no doubt. But where will all the Candians that come accross the boarder for healthcare go? Is THAT not enough evidence for you fools to see where socialized medicine will lead us? Why overhaul the entire system when it is by far the best system in the world. Instead of tweaking..... lets follow those that have failed... brilliant! 

Make no mistake - Single payor healthcare is Obama's goal. He is a Socialist and believes people can only survive is taken care of by Government. Every other penny we ALL make will go toward his reforms and there will no longer be an incentive to work for a living. 

I am not a republican.... I am not a fox koolaid drinker.... I am not rich and I do not hate poor working people. What I do HATE is struggling to survive by working day and night.... only to be told I don't deserve to keep my earnings because someone else needs them. Too many of those in need can work .... they are more able bodied than myself.... they choose not to because they are taught they will be taken care of by the rest of us. Yea.. that does piss me off!

Out Government is not simply made up of Democrats and Republicans... it is now made up of extremists, marxists, dangerous revolutionaries ... etc... They are disguised as Democrats and republicans. And some are simply appointed in the dark of night while nobody is looking. Obama has not appointed may that are not controversial in their marxists ways. Former home-grown terrorists and self proclaimed revolutionaries with no regard for how our country came to be the best and most sought after land in the world. 

I don't have much..... but what I do have I worked my ass off for it. Perhaps you should get another job .... think of a way to make a little extra $ for yourself and KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF MINE.


 's picture

Um... who doubled it? Look no

Um... who doubled it? Look no further than your under-experienced, over rated messiah.

 's picture

Here to flog us with that

Here to flog us with that joke of a bill, no doubt. Save the taxpayer's few dollars we have left and stay home.

Dave Healy's picture

The Majority is against the Bill

That is the American people.You,Obama,and the Democrats in congress are for it.Oh I forgot one,(Fidel Castro)another great  man of the people.

Francois Bussiere's picture

Voting is powerfull

Mr Michaud and Ms Pingree count your days, for I surely will not be voting for you come THIS November.   Jason Levesque will be our next REPRESENTATIVE for he will be listening to the constituent.  Certainly the two of you have not done that.

Us poor Social Security recipient will suffer, althought we have been told that it will get better.  Believe or NOT, for I don't believe anything that Washington tries to shove down your throat.  Time will tell if all will come to be, I do not believe any of the stuff that is being said at the MOMENT.  

Dave Healy's picture

Obamas visit, keep him

tron, we need Obama to explain to us everything that's in the bill.Over 2000 pages and all we here is 30 million more Americans will have health care and children can be covered up to 26 and the mean ins.companies can't deny anyone because of pre-exiting conditions.Well that's not quite 2000 pages. The rest of it must be how America emerges from Bankruptsy and how we are going to find new Dr's after they have gone broke because of non payments.17000 new gov. jobs for the IRS but how many more will we loose because of the burden of increased taxes on companies.(with the exception of union jobs,the union bosses cut a deal)I will admit just like congress and the Pres I don't have time to read the bill but I trust Nancy and Harry.Oh by the way,Harry will be looking for a new job maybe he can apply at IRS. 

 's picture


don't tell bangor. they think they are the center of the universe.

 's picture

Prior to Miscues vote and

Prior to Miscues vote and probably a year from now, Obama would not be able to recognize him if they tripped over each other. Given public sentiment even in a democratic stronghold. This is a victory for Miscues opponent, Jason Levesque. Glad to see Jason as our next 2nd District Representative in Washington. 

 's picture


good April Fools Joke on us.


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