Maine saltwater fishing license bill passes

AUGUSTA (AP) — The long-debated issue of saltwater fishing licenses in Maine is close to a resolution.

The House and Senate gave final approval Friday to a bill that creates a saltwater recreational fishing registry run by the state. Those registering would pay $1 or $2 agency fees.

Striped bass endorsements will cost $5 for residents and $15 for nonresidents.

Fees for commercial operator’s licenses, including charters and smelt camps, would be $50.

Opponents said they objected to the government taking away the tradition of free fishing in saltwater. But supporters said states must play a role in managing ocean fisheries.

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How are the comunists in Augusta gonna regulate the saltwater fishing Industry by taxing the little guy that just wants to go sit on a beach or pier and catch maybe one fish or two??? This State is getting rediculous!!!! No wonder no one wants to stay here and make a life! Taxationland!!!!!! We got to stand together and fight this thing people!!!! I agree with the guy above!!! The ocean should not be controled by the State!!!


several states claimed

several states claimed jurisdiction over mineral and other resources off their coasts. This was overturned in 1947, when the Supreme Court determined that states had no title to, or property interest in, these resources. In response, the Submerged Lands Act was enacted in 1953 giving coastal states jurisdictionover a region extending 3 nautical miles seaward from the baseline. There fore licening outside the 3 mile area is violates the Supreme Courts injucntion  again our elected officials in Augusta choose to ignore the peoples rights!!! We must dismiss them at the earliest possible time to send a message to these commies!!!!


Every one of you Yahoos can

Every one of you Yahoos can expect to be voted out of office next election!! Now as far as recilection serves me the ocean is FEDERAL WATERS NOT UNDER STATE JURISDICTION WHEN WILL OUR CRIMINALS IN AGUSTA CEASE TO AMAZE ME!! AND WHERE THE HELL IS THE SPORTSMEN ALLIENCE ON THIS ONE!!!!.



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