Husband arrested for wife's murder

UPTON — Maine State Police on Saturday charged a Limington man with murder in the shooting death of his wife last week.

Kelly Winslow Dapolito

Patrick Dapolito, 39, was arrested at the State Police Barracks in Gray at about 5:30 p.m. Dapolito had arranged through his attorney to turn himself in, police said. The suspect was taken to the York County Jail in Alfred. He was scheduled to make his first court appearance on the murder charge Monday in York County Superior Court in Alfred.

Dapolito is charged with killing his wife, Kelly Winslow-Dapolito, 30, at the couple's home on Mike's Way in Limington. Police said the shooting took place on March 16.

Dapolito reported his wife missing the night of March 18. The next day, state police began searching several locations, including her home. They found Winslow-Dapolito's body March 19 on property located off Route 26 in the Oxford County town of Upton. The property is owned by Dapolito's father.

Police interviewed Dapolito the day his wife's body was found and said he had cooperated with the investigation.

The State Medical Examiner's Office said Winslow-Dapolito died from a gunshot wound to the head.

The couple had been married about six months.

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I Do Not Understand?

If everything is as what  it appears to be,don't both parties have to take responsibility?No one should ever die or be harmed in anyway from disagreement.So who is really to blame?No matter what people think,it takes two parties to fight.At what point should one of them walk and if they do not at what piont does the responsibility lie on who?Iunderstand one thing is that violence never wins.But again it takes two to fight  and when that happens someone always loses.I only pray that everyone realizes when enough is enough before something like this happens.

 's picture

Let the dust settle

Let this person have his day in court.People will filter out from right and wrong.Please be patient and let the process do whatever it has to do.Do not find anyone guilty before they can tell thewere there story.Remember that the majority rules.Let the process go through.

Can you say IDIOT!!!

It seems to be the normal thing to do now with all these men murdering their partners..when all they need to do is leave them if they're not happy..What part of DIVORCE do they not understand??  Is it the money they don't want to pay out for one, or is everyone so angry inside that their brains stop functioning???  Hope he rots in HELL!!

 's picture


Why did the idiot marry her in the first place? I hope he rots in hell the pathetic excuse of a human being!


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