Lewiston man charged with gross sexual assault

DIXFIELD — A 40-year-old Lewiston man was charged Sunday night with gross sexual assault involving a 15-year-old girl, as well as several other charges.

Oxford County jail

Robert P. Auger

Robert P. Auger, a former resident of Essex Street, Rumford, was arrested by Dixfield police Sgt. Jeff Howe at 7:45 p.m., at a Weld Street home.

The Dixfield police charged him with violating a protection from abuse order, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, illegal attachment of registration plates and receiving stolen property.

Auger was also arrested on a warrant issued by the Rumford Police Department for gross sexual abuse, and on another warrant from Androscoggin County for aggravated assault, and on other warrants for a second violation of protection from abuse order and criminal restraint.

Auger had lived in Rumford from August 2009 to February 2010 prior to moving to Lewiston.

Pickett said his department received a tip that Auger was in Dixfield. He was found in a closet of a Weld Street home.

The girl was found in another bedroom of the same building, according to Pickett.

Assisting Howe were Dixfield officer Anne Simmons-Edmunds, Mexico officer Dustin Broughton and an Oxford County deputy.

Auger was taken to the Oxford County jail where he is being held on $10,000 cash bail or $25,000 surety. A jail spokesman said he was scheduled to be taken to Androscoggin County jail later Monday night.

According to an affadavit written by Rumford Police Department detective Sgt. James Bernard, sexual acts were performed with the girl over an18-month period.

The aggravated assault charge is the result of a charge against Auger for allegedly stabbing his wife.

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Well it is nice to know that an old man like him can still turn the head of a 15 year old girl.  I wonder what would happen if he attempted to get involved with a woman his own age, but then again maybe he couldn't handle it

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Ban this user

Madeshopping needs to be banned from this site. This is not designed for your multiple advertisements every day. I won't go to your site just because you are abusing this system for your own gain.

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More Charges

Why wasn't he charged for picking his nose and kicking a Democrat.  They covered just about everything else!

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marooned? I think it is


I think it is spelled moron!!!!

I agree..Moron it is..

I agree..Moron it is..


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