Pit bull mauls boy

LIVERMORE FALLS — Police say an 11-year-old New York boy was severely mauled by a pit bull Tuesday while he was visiting family friends on Globe Street, located off Souther Road. It is the second attack by the dog this month, Livermore Falls police officer Vern Stevens said.

The boy was attacked Tuesday on both legs in the ankle area and abdomen, Stevens said.

“There was massive blood loss,” he said.

A 12-year-old Livermore Falls girl at the residence was babysitting the boy and her two siblings, 7 and 3 months, when the attack occurred, Stevens said. The girl’s mother was out of town.

When Stevens arrived on the scene four minutes after the 12-year-old’s call to 911 at 11:41 a.m., reporting the mauling, a neighbor was holding the dog at bay with a pole lamp in the hallway of the residence, Stevens said.

Two more neighbors were tending the boy who was on the floor near the front door, he said.

“I had the neighbors get the boy out of the house and at that point, the person who was holding the dog at bay and myself started to back out of the residence and the dog started to lunge,” Stevens said. “I Tased him and it immobilized the dog enough so we could get out of the residence and the secure it with the dog inside.”

Animal Control Officer Wayne Atwood was called and is handling everything to do with the 1-year-old male pit bull, Stevens said. He was not available for immediate comment.

A NorthStar Emergency Medical Services ambulance out of Farmington had to shift down to Livermore Falls and arrived on the scene about 14 minutes after the call due to the Livermore-based ambulance was on a chest pain call in that town, Stevens said.

The boy was taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Medical personnel tried to get LifeFlight Inc. of Maine but they couldn’t fly because of the weather, Stevens said.

The boy was in stable condition and in the operating room at 1:45 p.m., Stevens said.

The same dog attacked a family member at the residence, a teenager, on March 2. The teen was bitten in the face and arm and was also transported to CMMC, he said.

Stevens said he contacted Maine Department of Health and Human Services child protective agency to let them know what went on.

Police are conducting an investigation into the mauling, Lt. Thomas Gould said.


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 's picture

white trash????

No call to badmouth white people.  This is clearly a case of another democrat disguised as a dog.

 's picture


What can possible be so important that you leave a 3 month old baby with a 11-12 year old sitter.  NEVER!  This dog could have destroyed several children and you are defending the mother for this foolish episode.  I am glad my children will never depend on your thinking.

 's picture

Dangerous dogs

These dogs should be outlawed..period!!! I know someone will jump on me for this statement...but that's fine. I have read so many stories about pitbulls attacking and mauling people, it's crazy.

 's picture

Pit Bull

It is incidents like these that cause towns to enact ordinances restricting such dogs. I believe that a dog owner should be held responsible for their dog and all damages caused by the dog. Any dog that attacks this aggressively should be put down, no questions.

 's picture


What was the mother thinking leaving a twelve year old babysitting so many children while out of town???  I wish the little boy a speedy recovery...I hope he wasn't teasing the puppy to cause this...

 's picture

let me see....PIT BULL!..not a lab or golden...idiots

kill the dog.... and arrest the owner..some people think they have to  tough....b y owning a fighting breed

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is that dog even still

Why is that dog even still alive? It should have been put down after the first incident. Can you say LAWSUIT?

 's picture

12 year old, 7 year old &

12 year old, 7 year old & visiting 11 year old...none we re in school....and the second dog attack by the same dog in a month, this case needs to be escalated.

 's picture


...why weren't the school aged children in school rather than being babysat while the mother was "out of town" (out of town like in Jay or out of town like in another state ?). Kudos to the 12 year-old for getting help right away. Way too much responsibility on her young shoulders.


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