Project will affect you

On April 12, residents of Dixfield will get a quick review of the developing wind facility ordinance and why an extension of the expiring moratorium is recommended.

Behind the scenes awaits Patriots Renewables, preparing to assault Colonel Holman Mountain with 11 to 14 industrial wind machines.

Please, anyone who has made it to the peak of Colonel Holman by snowmobile, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone who enjoys horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone who hunts or enjoys the wildlife passing through, attend. This project will affect you

Please, anyone who pays a monthly electric bill, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone concerned with the proper way to position ourselves for future electric needs, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone unsure of the sounds generated by huge wind machines, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone apprehensive about altering the view of Colonel Holman, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone wondering how a virtually unknown company or LLC can promise us they know what they’re doing, attend. This project will affect you.

Please, anyone able to explain the ugliness of greed, attend. This project affects you.

Everyone will be pleased to see you there.

Freemont Tibbetts and Dan McKay, Dixfield

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

Clean, renewable energy

Why do you suppose wind proponants are blocking attempts to get clean, renewable energy from Quebec Hydro? Why will industrial wind farms cause our electricity rates to double or triple? Who stands to profit from the subsidies (our tax dollars) given to industrial wind? Why is our Maine government willing to destroy our environment which brings in millions in tourist dollars?


Simple. Follow the money. And the next time your government says, "We are the government and we're here to help," you can tell them where to put their "help".

 's picture

Scary words

Definitely some of the scariest words in the English language, "We are the government and we're here to help,"

 's picture


I guess I'm a left wing wacko. Try to understand that this issue does not fall neatly to the left or right. It's about the fleecing of everyone. I thought I was pro-wind until I did my homework. These companies can only do this thanks to subsidies. I get that but I wish more people like you did. I would like to hear where you got the idea that wind energy reduces our dependence on foreign oil, though. Did you get that from Baldacci? King? Someone else who has based their livelihood or future livelihood on the proliferation of wind turbines in Maine?

 's picture

There is more value to these mountains

than the (inconsistent) wind that blows over them. Mr McKay and Mr. Tibbetts are correct. This project will affect you one way or another. Anyone--Dixfield residents, as well as, folks who just enjoy western Maine mountains for their recreational opportunities and scenic beauty. This isn't just about my backyard or your backyard. This is about one mountain ridge and mountaintop after another in every direction in western Maine. Once these 40 story tall industrial machines go up, they aren't coming down no matter what the fallout is. For those who believe that the guys from Patriot Renewables are riding in on their white horses to save us from foreign oil, think again. Folks need to show up to these meetings so they can educate themselves and to have a voice in the future of this state.


I'll be there

I will live in the shadow of the Turbines. I don't mind how they look. I don't mind the noise they make. I do mind that they will be built solely to make some people rich at our expense. And no they are not democrats.

 's picture

Let me guess.... you're for

Let me guess.... you're for clean, renewable energy however:

  • Wind turbines are ugly and have a contrived medical claim associated with them.
  • You hate dams because they block rivers.
  • You're too broke or lazy to consider solar.. besides, after putting on that new roof, why cover it  up?

You can't have it both ways. There's going to be inherent problems associated with being the dominant predator on earth.


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