Protesters rally outside Obama event

PORTLAND – Frank and Pat Giordano of Newport were the first to arrive at the Portland Expo to voice their opposition to President Barack Obama and the health care law he came to Maine on Thursday to promote.

Obama Protesters
Robert F. Bukaty

Protesters hold signs outside the Portland Expo prior to a visit by President Barack Obama, Thursday, April 1, 2010, in Portland, Maine. Obama is scheduled to deliver remarks on health insurance reform Thursday afternoon. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

The couple, wearing matching American flag shirts, calmly endured the stares and whispers of the dozens of Obama supporters who gathered around them.

One woman told them "everyone" had taken a vote and decided the Giordanos should cross the street to hold their Styrofoam signs. Pat Giordano shook her head and held her sign, which accused Obama and Congress of enslaving future generations to pay off the trillions of dollars of national debt.

“Everybody is here for the same thing, to voice our opinion and stand behind what we believe,” she said. “At my age, I never thought I would be out here protesting. The way Congress has put us into debt — doing what the people say is one thing, but they are not; they are doing what they think the people want.”

Giordano said she and her husband first began protesting on April 15 last year at an anti-tax rally in August. Now, she said, they are part of an anti-government group known as the Maine Patriots and have plans to attend several upcoming events, including a trip to Boston to see Sarah Palin.

Later in the day, Richard Cross of Naples handed out bells for protesters to ring at a gathering of hundreds, organized by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative think tank.

“Two things motivated me (to come): the (U.S.) Constitution and this health care bill,” Cross said. “The Constitution is being undermined by Barack Obama in a variety of ways. Now he put this health care bill through to us, without us voting on it or Congress Republicans getting involved in it, mandating it to the states that we have to buy the insurance or be fined for it. This sets a precedent. When's it going to stop?”

The bells, he said, were to let freedom ring.

“That's what it was in 1776 in Philadelphia; that's why I'm here, defending the Constitution,” he said.

Both Cross and Giordano said the violent tone and rhetoric used by other protesters across the country was unnecessary.

“We should be able to sit down and talk civilly,” Cross said. “It's very important and I don't think we should go out there and start banging heads, because that's not going to get us anywhere. I think that's going to divide the country.”

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 's picture

Republican= Democrat= doesn't matter!

The more we fight among ourselves the faster this "crisis" will cost us more freedoms. 

As for Americans Needing...... They NEED JOBS.... not more taxes. We need to work on our health care issues but this is WAY over board. Lets try some small steps first!

There do not appear to be any vulgar or offensive signs here.... people just using their "free speech rights" while they still can. If these people do not keep up their peaceful protests we will ALL lose this right. 

Democrats and Republicans (especially the Progressives on each "side") place blame back and forth as a smoke screen. It keeps us busy fighting among ourselves in the name of supporting a party instead of taking the time necessary to understand what's going on behind closed doors while we sleep and bust our asses trying to put food on the table. They are ALL to blame. Our Government has forgotten they work for US.... not the other way around.

Say what you want about GWB (and I hated the job he did as much as anyone) but it was not under his watch that the Government took over banking, insurance, housing, auto industry and now health care. They now run 51% of our economy. SCARY being everything they run goes bankrupt sooner than later. 

We are sliding down a VERY slippery slope folks. Stop dividing and do a little research. Go ahead and google some of the cronies taking up camp in OUR White house these days...... Watch some videos of them SAYING out loud what they believe in! Then... Go ahead and google the names of the "leaders" of history they "look to for inspiration"! 

60's radicals.... socialists and other very scary people. You can blame Fox News for all the "crazies" and follow the left wing radicals in throwing the title of "racist" and "teabaggers" (school yard name calling of the bully kind). You'll find out in the end it's these Peaceful people that are looking our for all of us.... even you.

Look at the other side if you want to see bullying tactics and thuggish behavior. Egg throwing, name calling, claims of racism.... Setting fires (see Philly summit last summer as well as any real footage of any tea rallies) 

I am not a republican or Democrat and have never been either. What I am is an American that pays attention and thinks objectively. Don't just blame and name call... look for evidence yourselves and stop just following. Our country depends on it


 's picture

noticed you didn't answer

vosine, I noticed you have not answered my questions from yesterday.

How many states in the country? How many men took the oath of office before President Obama? and Who invented the automobile?

Is it you don't want to show the President up? Is it you don't know? My guess is that you will go 2-3 if you answer the questions.

 's picture

Never answered mine from the

Never answered mine from the other day either about being around for the disasterous Carter years.

RONALD RIML's picture

You haven't been paying attention.


The Obama Administration had to borrow to bail us out of the financial debacle the Bush Administration presided over during the "Wild West" days of deregulation on Wall Street and the Financial Markets.

You should remember this if you are going to call yourself "RedWhiteBlue" - with assumed 'patriotism' comes the responsibility of historical truth.

You ask what it made Obama?   GWB racked up the debt - BHO unfortunately had to deliver it over in the FedEx truck.

 's picture


Do you really believe the drivel you are sprouting, Brian?  If this is so good, why doesn't the Congress members and Civilian FEDERAL WORKERS jump on it?  And to think that we almost had "Hilda" Clinton back in the White House.  Where do you democrats scrape up these people?

 's picture

You said it... he's using it

You said it... he's using it on us, not for us. It's the most expensive red herring this country has ever seen.. the so called reform bill for the so called "crisis". Funny, there's no crisis until a Democrat needs attention taken away from unfulfilled promises.

 's picture

But I'm sure you got a

But I'm sure you got a chuckle out of all the Bush/monkey cartoons spread by libs the last eight years. I suppose if we got as personal as you guy did, we would all be branded racists.


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