Bail reduced for one of two men accused of drug trafficking

PARIS — Bail was reduced Thursday in a Paris court for one of two men being held in Oxford County Jail in Paris on drug trafficking charges since last Saturday's state police arrest in Rumford.

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Christian Lewis Ogden

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Allen C. Hold

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Maine State Police photoA routine traffic stop at 11:50 p.m. on March 27 on Route 2 in Rumford, netted Maine State Police Trooper Paul Casey 28 grams of cocaine and 16 grams of marijuana all packaged for distribution, $705 in cash and a switchblade knife. Casey arrested and charged two men on drug trafficking crimes after a state police narcotics dog sniffed out the drugs, Casey said.

Oxford County Superior Court Justice Robert Clifford reduced bail from $10,000 cash to $2,500 cash for Christian L. Ogden, 22, 128 Engle Town Road, Honey Brook, Pa., who is accused of trafficking in cocaine, marijuana and dangerous knives, a deputy clerk said on Friday afternoon.

Ogden's court-appointed defense attorney argued that his client's bail was too high and the state prosecutor agreed, the clerk said.

However, the clerk said both Ogden and Allen C. Hold, 19, 83 Hemlock Point, Indian Township, will likely remain behind bars until arraignment pending grand jury indictment unless they can make bail.

Arraignments in the Paris court have been tentatively scheduled for June 18.

According to an e-mail on Thursday afternoon from Trooper Paul Casey, he was driving west on Route 2 in Rumford when he stopped the car Ogden was driving at 11:50 p.m. due to an inadequate tail light.

Casey then said he arrested both men after evidence of drug trafficking turned up through investigation.

“The pair stated they obtained the drugs seized from them — 28 grams of cocaine and 16 grams of marijuana — from Bangor,” Casey said. “They stated they were en route to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire prior to being stopped.”

Casey said he called for Trooper Tyler Stevenson's narcotics-trained dog “Ramos,” to search the car.

“Trooper Stevenson's K-9 indicated on the vehicle several times and indicated on a backpack in the vehicle,” Casey said. “After searching the vehicle, multiple baggies containing marijuana and cocaine were located.”

Casey said Ogden had $705 in cash on him and a switchblade knife. He charged both men with felony unlawful trafficking in cocaine, and unlawful trafficking in marijuana, and then also charged Ogden with the knife crime.

Ogden and Hold were then taken to Oxford County Jail and booked at 3 a.m. on March 28.

At the pair's initial appearance on Monday in Lewiston District Court, Judge Thomas Delahanty set bail for Ogden at $10,000 cash or $20,000 real estate, and $1,000 cash or $5,000 real estate for Hold, the Paris deputy court clerk said.

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 's picture

tron, it's called probable

tron, it's called probable cause, if for instance a police officer goes to your house to investigate a loud party and in the process he observes a bag of drugs on the kitchen table, that's probable cause and grounds for furthering the investigation, is probable that he saw or something concrete to warrant the investigation.  It has it's down sides, depending on which side of the law you're on.


 's picture

hmmm......maybe they already

hmmm......maybe they already had an idea that they were dope pushers.....maybe the police had them under survalence...maybe your kids are doing the shit they sold....maybe you are just mad because you have to find a new supplier.. drugs suck any kind

you are so right..sounds to

you are so right..sounds to me like tron has something to hide..

Yea..let's lower their bail

Yea..let's lower their bail and give them a free pass to funtown or they can set up a booth for their job of choice..pusher man..

 's picture

Dumb Judge

Why is any bail too high for a drug pusher?  Jail them till they rot!


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