Maine bill allows 8 marijuana dispensaries

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A bill to set up a dispensary and distribution system under Maine's medical marijuana law is awaiting a final Senate vote.

The House voted 126-17 in favor of the bill Monday following a debate in which defenders stressed the importance of the drug as a palliative. Opponents questioned whether the state should expand access to a drug that's banned on the federal level.

Maine is one of 13 states that allows medical use of marijuana. But there was no formal system for obtaining the drug other than growing small amounts until last November, when voters expanded a decade-old medical marijuana law.

The bill before the Legislature allows up to eight dispensaries, and sets a process to establish fees for patients, caregivers and dispensaries.

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Once the state accepts that

Once the state accepts that pot is a medicine by opening dispensaries the a federal can be applied to which medical care can not be out of reach which means it must be within a resonable distance for a person to access it therefore the department who will oversee such matters will be sued quite soon as 8 will be an unresonable area to access the medication. Man I wish our legislators would read follow  the laws we must follow!!!


I say have a lotto for all

I say have a lotto for all the people who want to open a dispensary and are qualified such as a lic. phamicist in each county this way a dispensary can not be brought and if they choose to give up thier site then again it must be spun off the bussiness can not be transfered that would be fair!!! 

 's picture


how about crack for fat people that eat too much


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