Thompson arrested again

LEWISTON — Three weeks after vowing to stay sober and crime-free, Norman "Bo" Thompson is back in jail.

Amber Waterman

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Norman "Bo" Thompson speaks about his life on drugs and the crimes he committed while high, including jumping off of a third story balcony in October, 2007, only to be tackled by Sun Journal photographer Russ Dillingham. "It took 10 years off my life," said his mother Sharron Fuller.

Officials at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland said Thompson was booked on two charges Wednesday morning and held on $3,000 bail.

Thompson, 36, was arrested by Portland police after he was found in possession of items reported missing from a car parked at 23 Lamb St. in Westbrook, patrol supervisor Brett Bissonnette said Wednesday night.

Portland police Lt. James Swett confirmed Wednesday night that his department made the arrest in connection with the Westbrook burglary.

The car owner, Bissonnette said, contacted police at 9 a.m. Wednesday to report that debit cards, cash, a phone charger, a GPS device and a driver's license were missing. Westbrook police went to the jail Wednesday afternoon and served Thompson with summonses for charges of burglary of a motor vehicle and violation of bail conditions.

Westbrook police officer James Sarrenkopf is investigating the burglary, Bissonnette said.

Thompson, who listed an address of 509 Cumberland Ave. in Portland, is scheduled to appear in 9th District Court in Portland at 1 p.m. Friday, the jailer said.

It may take little to keep Thompson in jail for a long time.

He is best known for a third-story leap from a Lewiston tenement in 2007 that was photographed by Sun Journal photographer Russ Dillingham, who tackled Thompson as he fled from police. A week later, Thompson was arrested after a 14-hour standoff with police at his mother's house in Mexico.

In May 2009, Thompson was sentenced to 15 years in jail for burglary, theft and other charges. Since nearly all of the sentence was suspended, he could serve another 13 years for the past offenses.

“You have a significant amount of time hanging over your head,” Justice John Nivison told Thompson at the sentencing.

In a July 12 interview with the Sun Journal, Thompson said he was "all set."

“I don’t think I’ll get in trouble again," he said. "I got too much to lose.”

Thompson talked about his move to Portland, where he has been attending an anger management group, meeting with a substance abuse counselor and participating in art therapy.

His therapy followed a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, he said. He took medications to keep his impulses in check.

“I think I’m getting old an’ I got to
retire from trouble.” he said in the recent interview. “I’m 36 an’ I can’t handle it no more.”

While in jail, he had met older prisoners.

“I don’t wanna be them sittin’ in jail
when I’m 50," he said.


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oh yes and another thing,

oh yes and another thing, stop writing about him and putting his ugly mug on the news paper. I'm sure you could find something else to write about of interest......

throw his ass in jail and

throw his ass in jail and throw away the key. what is this bulls&$t with a suspended sentence anyway? too many laws ; time to wipe the slate clean and start over. an eye for an eye would probably work if these losers knew that if they got caught there would be no second chances and they would have to do the time.......

 's picture

oh no he will get off again

oh no he will get off again with a suspendsion and fine and we will get stuck with his lawyer bill again

 's picture

oh no he will get off again

oh no he will get off again with a suspendsion and fine and we will get stuck with his lawyer bill again

 's picture

Thompson arrested....again.

Thompson arrested....again. Well, I'm just shocked! NOT!!! He knows how to play the system, and he'll do it again. He'll be doing life on the installment plan.

 's picture

Geesh Bo, your daughter must

Geesh Bo, your daughter must be so proud of you. I hope you really didn't think you had us all fooled with that pathetic newspaper article claiming you had turned your life around. You are no more bipolar then my dog is. Once again, you were stealing money from the govt and from someone that really needs it! I certainly hope that this time, you do all the time you have coming to you. Think about your daughter for once!! She deserves a better father!


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