Maine family sues in over school honor code

YARMOUTH, Maine (AP) — The parents of a Maine high school student who was suspended from her lacrosse team because of an online photo showing her with a beer are challenging the constitutionality of the school's honor code.

They sued this week in federal court over the 16-year-old girl's three-week team suspension.

Lawyer Michael Waxman says the honor code for extracurricular activities allows a school to monitor and discipline 24-7. He said Friday he's not comfortable "with the school intruding into my home life or my kids' home life."

The family is seeking an injunction to let the girl play while the matter makes its way through the courts. Yarmouth School Committee Chairman David Ray tells the Portland Press Herald that students are never happy about being punished.

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 's picture

Lets hope the lesson she

Lets hope the lesson she learns is that if you do wrong there are penalties not if you get a good lawyer you can get out of anything.

RONALD RIML's picture

And let's hope the lesson

And let's hope the lesson that the school learns is that you don't coerce confessions for non-school related incidents by depriving young citizens of their due process.



And, Bill Clinton didn't inhale....

 's picture


veritas - So she didn't drink the beer on a technicality. OK. Just out of curiosity - what are you smoking?

RONALD RIML's picture

The fumes of your ignorance,

The fumes of your ignorance, Bob.  They permeate the air.



RONALD RIML's picture

Too bad the adults can't admit they are wrong, eh....

A lawsuit certainly isn't over the top when a student requests her parent's presence as she is about to ber questioned by government authority and badgered about her behavior off school property - and then denied the opportunity to consult with her parents.

It has to do with "Due Process" there, Nancy - and what government may do without involving parents when the child so requests.

RONALD RIML's picture

Nancy - the school based it's

Nancy - the school based it's discipline upon the 'confession' of the student.

Therefore - if the school accepted the 'truthfulness' of the student - then logically you should, if you back the school's findings.

Now - is Samual Waxman a juvenile as is the girl this case is about? 

RONALD RIML's picture

Nancy - so this other Waxman

Nancy - so this other Waxman - not a juvenile - is completely immaterial  to the case.  And you brought him up why????

 's picture

NYA is an

NYA is an independent for profit college prep school, tuition is about $22,000 a year.  it is not in a district so taxpayers aren't on the hook.  just a bunch of snooty adults teaching their precious little snowflakes how to game the system by not facing up to what they do wrong.  no doubt they will be the no talent political hack leaders of the future.

RONALD RIML's picture

deimos - This isn't a 'North

deimos - This isn't a 'North Yarmouth Academy' issue.

It's Yarmouth High School - a public, governmental institution rather than private. 

Makes a bit of difference when you coerce confessions after refusing a student's request to consult with their parents, then deprive them of taxpayer supported activities.

RONALD RIML's picture

RedWhiteBlue - You know there

RedWhiteBlue - You know there was beer in that can how??

The only jurisdiction that can determine if that girl broke the law is a court.  She's not been adjudicated before one yet.

Due process hasn't taken it's course.


 's picture

Honor Code

She read the contract and signed the contract without sitting on her mommie's or lawyer's lap so pay the price, spoiled little broad!  Grow up and stay away from cameras when you are doing stupid things.


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