Try to find common ground

On April 1, I had the distinct privilege and honor to shake the hand of our great president, Barack Obama. As I listened to his speech and looked around at all the people, I couldn't have been more proud to be an American.

Outside the Portland Expo were a group of protesters. They also need to be commended on their conduct and orderliness.

Although everyone has the right to believe as they wish, it is a shame that in these very difficult times, people can't find a way to pull together and try to find common ground for the good of this nation.

I will continue to believe in our president and his vision.

I also pray that others will eventually see the light, regardless of what party they belong to.

Cheryl Harper, Sabattus

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RONALD RIML's picture

Argumentative unmasked....

And we also know you decided to go incognito until I busted your chops over it.

 's picture


I am by no means a Republican, but really why do you always seem to attack them, Tron? I read all the time that Republicans don't like those who don't have the same views as them, but at the same time you seem to do the same as well. Just Saying.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Bingo....we heard nothing but

Bingo....we heard nothing but critism, accusations, and name calling from the left for 8 years when Bush was in office. And, now, that they have everything they could possibly have hoped for, except for perhaps, the extinction of "right wing wackos", the rest of us on the right are supposed to just fold up our tents and be passive spectators. NOT!!!











 's picture

Cheryl, I am also a proud


I am also a proud American.  Your recognition of our rights and the strength of country derived through civilized debate is the core of our existence as envisioned by our forefathers. Let the people be heard and the government be the servants of our will.

RONALD RIML's picture

MacMac - Your wishes were answered.

The people were heard when Barack Obama was elected President -

Rather than the Electoral College.



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Picture of a Mainah looking

Picture of a Mainah looking at his electricity bill after obama's cap and trade bill gets passed.

RONALD RIML's picture

Real Mainah's don't wear

Real Mainah's don't wear ties, Pirate......

Except for the ties that bind them to theah sistahs.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Read macmac's comment 7 times

Read macmac's comment 7 times and then, go play in the street.


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