Levesque bonds with Tea Partiers, not Tea Party

Jason Levesque, an Auburn businessman running to unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, four-term Democrat from Maine's 2nd District, says he identifies with citizens rallying in the Tea Party movement, but wouldn't consider himself a Tea Partier.

The Republican candidate, a political newcomer, attended the most recent Tea Party protest, which was held in Augusta on April 15, tax day.

“I associate with the people that are in attendance. It's an extreme cross-section of society; people who have never been active before, political newcomers, people that are actually concerned,” he said in an interview following the event. “They want to do something. There's an energy there, they want to be involved in the process. I identify with that, because that's my story as well.”

When asked if he identified with the Tea Party as it exists as a national movement, he said, “Nah, I... I'm not evading it, I've put a lot of thought in it to be honest with you.”

“I mean, real honestly, I'm associated with the people of Maine,” he said, when asked if he wanted his congressional campaign to be associated with them or not. “There's a lot of them there that share the same beliefs that I share and you know, it's great to meet and talk with these people and listen to them, Tea Party or not.”

The grassroots Tea Party movement consists of mostly local, like-minded citizen groups that are bound nationally more in their common anti-tax and anti-government beliefs than formal financial or organizational structure.

In other states, some candidates running for federal office in Republican primaries have embraced Tea Partiers as their political base. Levesque has no primary opponent, but he's been no stranger to the local events.

In January, he addressed a Tea Party rally in Stillwater, along with Republican gubernatorial candidates Bill Beardsley and Paul LePage. He also attended a Glenn Beck-inspired 9-12 rally in Surry in February and another recent Tea Party event in Trenton.

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 's picture

I wish to make it clear

that I am not stating that Mr. Levesque is a racist.  Merely that if he associates himself with racists, one must look closely at him.

 's picture

You are absolutely correct

not every teabagger is racist, however many are and the party does not reject them.  Witness the demonstration during the health care debate when the hurl racist remarks to Congressmen and spat on them.   Not one teabagger has disavow themselves from such despicable action, in fact they try to deny it.

Ray St. Onge's picture


by your logic, you would be a racist also. You have never disavowed racist liberals.

Did you ever stop to think that the reason they are denying it is because it didn't happen.

 's picture

give me a break

racist liberals?  Show me!  As as far as denying it ever happened, that's totally FOX News, who denied anything happened until a security camera showed someone spitting on a Congressman.  That racist remarks were yelled is a given, just that FOX News decided to have their mikes silent during the protest.  After all it was a FOX News sponsored demonstration, like all the teabaggers' mobs.

Ray St. Onge's picture

One Grand Dragon coming up

You wanted a racist liberal, how about the Grand Dragon from West Virigina.

 's picture

Sorry to say

I am not knowledgable about Klan membership.  Would you please elaborate who is the liberal person who is currently the grand dragon of or  from west virginia?

Timothy Stevens's picture

sorry to say

Senator Robert Byrd.

 's picture

You've got to be kidding,

his renunciation fifty-eight years ago isn't good enough for you.   That was BEFORE he was even in Congress.  Besides, he is a Democrat, but I would hardly call him liberal.  He's a true blue dog democrat.  You compare that to a teabagger spitting on a Congressman last month?

Ray St. Onge's picture

is this racist?

Tron, can I say the following and not be a racist?

"You can not walk into a 7-11 without having a Pakistani accent"

 's picture

Why would you go into a 7-11

with a Pakistani accent?  I never have, nor even know how to imitate one.  You're weird!  Racist, probably, but definitely weird.

Ray St. Onge's picture

so you admit?

so you are admitting that would be a racist statement?

 's picture

I admitted nothing

you're just trying to put words into my mouth, again.  Explain your statement, because it makes no sense. 

Ray St. Onge's picture

simple question

Never said you said that. If I said the following, would you say I was a racist?

"You cannot walk into a a 7-11 unless you have a Pakistani accent"

If I said that would I be a racist? Simple yes or no.

Ray St. Onge's picture

it appears

it appears that tron cannot answer this simple question

 's picture

not completely truthful, SJ

while teabaggers might be anti-tax and anti-government people, but they're also white supremacist, Klansman, militiamen and other race hating bigots.  You definitely were truthful as far as you went, but you failed to fully inform your readers.

Ray St. Onge's picture

offensive comment

Again Tron has to come out with an offensive term "teabaggers". Unless you can prove that members of the Tea Party Movement actually call themselves that, I recommend you stop using that term.

 's picture

they wear teabags

they are part of the tea party movement, they are teabaggers.  IF you find the name distasteful, change your name

Ray St. Onge's picture

still not proof

you still have proven where they call themselves that. The only ones I've seen use that term have been moonbats like Geroferlo.


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