Fatal accident ties up Sabattus Street

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Firefighters and emergency personnel work to free a person trapped in a vehicle involved in a fatal accident on Sabattus Street in Lewiston on Friday.

LEWISTON — A Sabattus woman died Friday morning when the SUV she was driving rear-ended a garbage truck at the intersection of Sabattus Street and Randall Road.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Firefighters and emergency personnel work to free a person trapped in a vehicle involved in a fatal accident on Sabattus Street in Lewiston on Friday.

Danielle Perrier, 33, was traveling west when she crashed into the back of a recycling truck owned by Pine Tree Waste and driven by John Lizotte, who was stopped at a red light, police said.

A dozen or more fire, rescue and police crews from Auburn, Lewiston and United Ambulance responded to the accident scene shortly after 10:30 a.m.

Rescue crews had to dismantle the Ford SUV to extricate Perrier. Her two children — a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl — suffered minor injuries. They were removed quickly from the vehicle and were treated and released, police said.

Three doors, the roof and seats of the SUV were removed during the extrication process. A child's car seat was removed along with a red and yellow Little Tykes toy car.

Perrier was taken to Central Maine Medical Center where she was pronounced dead, police said. 

Lewiston police officers investigated the scene through the morning. State Police also responded because a commercial vehicle was involved in the accident. And because it was a fatality, it was reconstructed.

Police said they did not know why Perrier drove into the truck, and no citation was issued. Sabattus Street east of Randall Road was closed for some time while police were at the scene.

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John Beaulieu's picture

Has anyone found out the

Has anyone found out the cause of this accident yet?

John Beaulieu's picture

I'm not, I don't do dumb

I'm not, I don't do dumb things like run red lights or use a phone when I am driving. I'm not even guilty of having a stuck caps key.

Nobody wrote anything rude to begin with, these weren't attached comments to an obituary ... now THAT would be rude. People are discussing a news article. It is a NEWS ARTICLE.

Holy cripes.

John Beaulieu's picture

Well respectfully this is a

Well respectfully this is a news article posted at a newspaper website and it allows for discussion. Discussing possibilities of irresponsible driving resulting in a death and two kids whoi do not have a mother are legitimate discussions.

This isn't a memorial thread or an obituary. To tell people they are mean for asking an honest question is completely ridiculous as well as being so politically correct it warrants ridicule as well. Nobody stated they DID it, they just wondered and stated they would not be surprised if there was a cell phone involved since not paying attention while driving which causes accidents happens to be a cell phone as the leading cause of them seconded by children distracting their parents by arguing in the back seat.

People are not allowed to wonder what caused this without some meathead telling them to walk the plank in here?

John Beaulieu's picture

Nobody is judging anyone at

Nobody is judging anyone at all, geez Louise people don;t get open discussion about a NEWS ARTICLE. it isn't a memorial page.

I am as sorry as the next guy a woman died and two kids have no mother.


Saying "something" caused it isn;t judging anyone, she drove into a huge garebage truck fast enough to cause this much damage. it is wiorthy of specualtion as it pertains to a discussion about a news article.

A guy got shot during a robbery too in Maine this week, lets not discuss it because a family member might read how the store owner was wrong for having someone working alone and it could have been prevented.

Get my point here or what? Nobody posted this attached to an obituary, get it?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture


WALK THE PLANK, INTERLOPER...You and your junk don't belong here, either.

John Beaulieu's picture

Okay caps king ... my

Okay caps king ... my keyboard is shaking.


No a DOT is not required for

No a DOT is not required for this truck because the truck DOES NOT come equiped with the add on container on the back it is an add-on, However if at least I can bring this up this may make them do something to stop this in the future. She did not hit her head on the windshield she slamed her head into a metal barrier the D.O.T. bumper would have stopped her windshield from ever comming in contact with the truck look at the picture there really is not enough damage to sustain that she was speeding recklessly the damage is in line with the speed limit it does show however that the truck simply went right under that thing in the back if it was a car it probably would have decapatated those in the front So I do hope that they do remedy this as soon as possible. This is a sorry day for the families of the victim and the victims husband as well as the children they will have nightmares for thier entire lives and my sympathies go out to them, may they recover from thier wounds and remember thier daughter, Wife, and mother will always be in thier hearts forever more.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture


WALK THE PLANK, INTERLOPER...This is no place for your junk.

John Beaulieu's picture

I haven't read anything in

I haven't read anything in here that would be considered distasteful. This article isn't a memorial to the family, it is a news item. It would be distasteful in that setting but not in the current one.

This overly politically correct society needs to stop that stuff.

So Sad

My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of Danielle.  I hope the children will get counciling and lots of love.  My son totaled his truck not too long ago, because his little one was chocking and he turned to see what the matter was.  I thank God none of them were hurt or killed...

John Beaulieu's picture

I clearly stated that IT

I clearly stated that IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME if a cell phone was found on the floor open for texting. I never said she was but it would not surprise me given the amount of accidents involving rearending type accidents from speeding and not paying attention. I live on this street and these rearenders happen every week LITERALLY. I have almost been hit just waiting to turn into my driveway at least twice so far.

Over the last few years I have passed this trash truck parked exactly where it was hit while on its route picking up recylables. I just cannot conceive anyone driving into it unless they were speeding and/or being distracted. Take just one of those away and this woman would still be alive.

Even if distracted by kids, spilled coffee or whatever else this accident should not have happened on such a straight away with no parking on the sides. There can only be 3 possibilities, speeding, distraction or alcohol.

I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I just live on this street and see this all the time, the police thankfully pull people for speeding very often here. It would be very unlikely that a person driving within the speed limit would be in this severe of an accident.

I'm sure the results of the investigation will be released at some point.

John Beaulieu's picture

Same old internet babble

Same old internet babble "Asinine, whining blah blah".

Look it is a news article, not a memorial and I posted a comment that wasnt insulting or stupid. It is no different than any other car accident or train derailment.

I'm sorry a woman died and the kids have no mother now.

I simply stated it would not surprise me if a cell phone was involved since driving into the back a huge garbage truck that fast enough to cause this much damage seems out of the ordinary and having lived on this street for years and seeing many accidents like this was which are virtually all caused by either cell phones or not paying attention I simply made a comment about it so get over it.

Lets say someone gets shot by accident, articles in here get responses like "That guy should have known better what a dolt". It is a news story, obviously some family member may see it. I didn't even do that for crying out loud.

people are so damned touchy these days, well too bad. I've done nothing wrong to begin with and people like you are making me feel like I have .... wrongly I might add. Again it is a published news article about an event and isn;t a personal memorial to the person who died. It is offered up for an open discussion and I stated my opinion. My opinion .... of which I am entitled.

Stefanie Mills's picture

I drove by around 230, and

I drove by around 230, and was astonished to learn it had been more than 4 hours ago when it happened. I was even more sad to learn that someone died, and now to learn that two babies lost their Mommy. My children are the same age, and it saddens me to imagine this happening to my little angels.


The comment made earluer by @autoracingnut was not meant to be an insult, I'm sure. But it wasn't all that long ago when someone did use that excuse. And seriously, if you cannot see- SLOW DOWN!


@myfamily I am so sorry for your loss! Don't pay any mind to the people who upset you. just be there for your family in this time.


@fixit001- do you seriously think that speed wasn't an issue? if she was going 30mph (which is the limit there) I highly doubt she would be dead.


It breaks my heart that this family has lost someone. Thoughts & prayers go to all of them!




A real sad day for many, and

A real sad day for many, and to those who blame  the driver really should look at the truck if it was a regular truck it would not have happened and I dont think speed had anything to do with it either So Why??? well if you make a truck with a high lift you need to put in bars it sort of looks like two Ls together so cars cant go underneath this safety mech. was mandated after a famous actress was killed in like the 50's I guess its like seat belts we are all required to wear them except of course our children going to school in buses without them guess if it is the city state or fed you dont have to comply right? That truck should be taken off the road why is the thing in the back like that or is it something they mollyhocked in which case they would be guilty of total negligence to the tune of tens of millions someone should look into that. 


I have been reading all the comments from everyone and it is pretty sad...  I came upon this accident just a minute after it happened when they were taking the two little kids to the building across the street.  The look on the little boys face was so sad because he kept looking at the SUV while being carried by some gentleman. The driver of this truck had nothing to do with what happened and the type of vehicle it is. He was sitting at a light that has been there and was red.  It was quite obvious when I saw the SUV that she ran into it at quite the force, and I could see the accident scene way before I got to the corner.  This is not a blind corner and driver inattention was the cause, whatever that was.  We will probably never know, but two precious children are without a mother.  So sad :(

 's picture

D.O.T. Bumper

If a DOT Bumper was needed on this type of truck, it would have been mandatory in order to operate.  Do you think this would have prevented a serious accident from someone plowing into the rear of the truck, bumper or not.  It is sad that this family lost a member but the truck was stopped at a light and Pres.Bush didn't cause the wreck either!


The name of the woman was released..

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Would that have altered any

Would that have altered any of the facts of the event?

 's picture

Why?  That was a dumb

Why?  That was a dumb statement.

Rachel Price's picture

Sabattus St Accident

Thanks for clearifying. God Bless your whole family to help you cope with this tragedy.

John Beaulieu's picture

I am very happy that they are

I am very happy that they are doing fine. This is good news!

Rachel Price's picture

Sabattus Street Accident

God Bless the 2 Little girls

John Beaulieu's picture

No disrespect is meant. This

No disrespect is meant.

This however is a public forum open to all discussion. I live on this street and am surprised this is the first fatality this year. People are wreckless, not being specific to your relative.

I can only go by what I see and more importantly did not say she was using a cell phone. I said it would not surprise me if she was texting someone on a cell phone.

John Beaulieu's picture

Respectfully you do not know

Respectfully you do not know if she was using a cell phone either.

John Beaulieu's picture

I live around the Black Shark

I live around the Black Shark just up the road and can tell all of you there are several rearend accidents on Sabattus street because people do not see stopped or waiting to turn vehicles WHILE TEXTING ON THE PHONE.

I am not exaggerating, at least one accident a week on Sabattus street alone.

The other problem is that the speed limit is 35 mph and people literally do 50 to 60 mph. Cops pull people over all day long here.

But really this is something we talk about in this household because we actually watch for cars in the rearview with a foot ready on the gas just in case we see someone not slowing behind us while waiting to turn into our driveway which can take some time when traffic is heavy.


This will not surprise me if the police investigators find an open text message on a cell phone in the vehicle. trust me when i say this the only time sun issues are a problem are at dusk and they are not enough to drive into a trash truck that has its hazard lights flashing.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

ACLU or Kool-Aid?

ACLU or Kool-Aid?

 's picture

Pull your head out.

Pull your head out.

Keith Kramarz's picture

More than You'll ever know!

More than You'll ever know!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Can you imagine that

Can you imagine that intersection without a light? Yikes...

John Beaulieu's picture

Do you live on this street?

Do you live on this street? If you do know that I do too and know what you are talking about. I cannot remember the last time someone was doing the speed limit of 35 mph. I see a lot of people screaming past stopped school busses too unfortunately. it stops outside my house everyday and people go by at 50 mph without even slowing down when people are beeping at them for passing a stopped school bus.


it wasn't russell street it was sabattus just up from roopers.  it's a busy intersection and people are always in a hurry to be the first through the light.  The speed limit is only 30 but everyone goes 50 or more.

Chris Blake's picture

"Those children now have to

"Those children now have to grow up without a mother and the driver of the trash truck must be horrified! "

Which is why a flippant comment about making excuses was in particularly poor taste. Especially since you made it before you had all the facts.

Accidents are called that for a reason. The results are horrible this time, but rushing to judgement about the hows and why helps not at all. IF she had survived, and IF she had made a lame excuse, then your comment and disgust would be appropriate.

As it stands, you're just the wank who shot his mouth off. There's really no point in trying to defend yourself about it.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Fault or no fault, you're

Fault or no fault, you're beating up on a dead person who leaves two babies behind, without a mother.

Heather Costa's picture

Heartbreaking.   :'(

Heartbreaking.   :'(

Audrey Alcala's picture

Pay attention!!!

Pay attention you jerk!!  The driver was killed!!! She was a mother of two small children and she died, so you don't have to listen to her excuse! Now learn to read!

 's picture


Hey Dufus-  Have someone read the article for you!  The driver was killed!

Allisa Milliard's picture


i don't think that she can use that excuse because i'm pretty sure that she's the one that died in the crash

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Totally uninformed, I'd say.

Totally uninformed, I'd say.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Didn't get enough of the gory

Didn't get enough of the gory stuff, did ya?


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