Dead Season rocks Bull Moose Music for Record Store Day

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Josh Chessey, 7, foreground, of Auburn and the Merrill family of Auburn watch as heavy metal band Dead Season performs at Bull Moose in Lewiston on Saturday. The popular Maine band with roots in the Oxford Hills area played during the 3rd Annual Record Store Day, a worldwide celebration of independently owned retail stores and their customers. Dead Season has sold over 15,000 CDs in Maine and that is because of Bull Moose's continued support of local music, said band vocalist Ian Truman of South Paris. The Merrills, from left, are Camryn, 2, his father Eric and Domonic, 5, lower right corner.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Ian Truman of South Paris sings "This Depression" from Dead Season's CD "Life Death" at Bull Moose Music in Lewiston on Saturday.

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 's picture

I actually do not Care for

I actually do not Care for the Music 'Dead Season ' performs' But they do desevre every right to perfom and I understand that they have developed a 'Solid'Fan Base' which must make them feel fortunate' also it is Great that'Bull Moose' provides them with a Venue to perform and promote their Music and provide thier fans with a chance to Buy their 'CD"s ..

I Just think this is not the kind of environment that one wants to bring a 'Young Child' to, that is unless 'Dead Season' is the only choice the 'Parents' have for picking out a 'Role Model'

Nice use of Language by 'Slightly Twizted'

Now To 'Billy Dumont'

I have indeed listened to their Lyrics and am aware of their Healthy Lifestyle and the Ideals that they espouse. that is very Positive and I apologize if I offended you and your Band.


Having had the 'Luxury of growing up during the 60's and had the opportunity to see some of the 'Greatest Musical Acts' live in Concert' I feel very fortunate. Perhaps seeing 'Dead Season' for some is a close as they will come to see their idea of 'Perfection'


 's picture

Couldn't Mr Merril thought of

Couldn't Mr Merril thought of a more Enlightning way to entertain his Children' But then again here is an example of the Complete Brake down of Sensible behavior and lack of Culture as well as education

 's picture

You might be closed minded?

Is is it this style of music that offends you rbegin. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of DEAD SEASON? Their lyrics are all about enlightenment,and sensible behavior. Live music performed in general is educational and DEAD SEASON are a great example of four people playing music together while respecting each others musical space. All while keeping in time with each other. Great dynamics and  all drug and alcohol free. Not to many bands can commit to that.  I watched the Merril children there and they were very entertained,enlightened,inspired,and cultured while DEADSEASON were performing. So the only "Complete Breakdown" to me would be the closed mindedness of people like your self. ................Don't knock it until you've rocked it.


                                                                                                                                                                  Billy Dumont          


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