Wells still says no to Nestle

Jeers to the April 10 editorial comments regarding the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Wells Water District’s 2008 rejection (under pressure from the town’s citizens) of a contract with Nestle Corp. The deal would have allowed Nestle to extract 432,000 gallons per day of our water for resale.

KKW would have received next to nothing and Nestle would have made tens of millions of dollars. Nestle already mines in excess of 700 million gallons of our Maine water every year, for which it pays no direct tax to the state of Maine.

When the water district contract failed, the town introduced a “regulatory” ordinance that would have officially permitted large-scale water extraction. On Nov. 3, 2009, Wells voters overwhelmingly said no to Nestle by rejecting this “regulatory” ordinance that would have granted extraction rights to the Nestle Corp. with no financial compensation to the town of Wells. Wells would have given away 432,000 gallons daily of our water in exchange for heavy rural truck traffic, failed wells and damaged roads — what a deal!

Doesn’t the Sun Journal editorial staff know that Poland Spring is a brand name for Nestle and no longer a Maine company?

Doesn’t the Sun Journal know or care that Maine is the Nigeria of water and Nestle is the Shell Oil?

Doesn’t the Sun Journal know or care that Nestle, a foreign, multi-national corporation — the largest food and beverage corporation in the world — is daily exploiting Maine’s most precious resource while our newspapers (Sun Journal included) are smiling and winking and giving them their blessing?

The Sun Journal editorial comments are strangely similar to the Portland Press Herald’s April 6, 2010, editorial regarding water rate hikes in the KKW Water District. What a coincidence.

Linda Dumey, Wells

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Richard Begin's picture

Linda I agree with you.

Linda I agree with you. Someone needs to Stop Nestle from contineuing to Rob our State of it's most valuable Resource' I Liken 'Nestle' to the invaders from the 80'TV Series titled 'V for Visitors'

Besides they are Lying , by Bottleing it and saying it's Poland Spring' where are the Majority Democrats when this Travesty is going on ?


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