Poll: Taxes or services in Auburn -- what should the city council do?

Faced with property tax increase of a $300 per average home in the 2010-11 budget, councilors called for cuts. Auburn City Manager Glenn Aho responded with $1.2 million in cuts that would would reduce the proposed tax increase to about $150 for the average home but would mean moving police officers out of the schools, reducing City Hall hours and mandate a single polling place for the entire city.

We want to hear from you! Share your reasons for voting the way you did in the comments below.

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How Many

How many of these responders really own property?  Do they rent and just don't want to have rent increases?  I wonder how many really live in Auburn also.  It doesn't count if they live in Lewiston to comment as to do less and keep the taxes down?  The SJ needs to filter out the Lew. People when commenting on the Auburn taxes.  The real Auburnites want the same services, and if it costs a little more well that is the way it goes.  There is no such thing as a zero budget.  Things cost more each year.  We have to recognize that fact.  Zero is a step backward.  We live in Auburn and are proud of it.  Don't make us a clone of Lewiston, a backward thinking city.  Reason that what we need may cost and there is no way to keep things at a lesser level without the city becoming a greatly lesser city.

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The problem is in priorities

The problem is in priorities and lack of leadership. These rascalls be it the City Manager or the Superintendant of schools play on the sympathy of voters during the budget crunch. They threaten to get rid of Public safety personal and teachers which they know will evoke public outcry. They know where to cut to save money but they refuse to give up their perks and wastefull spending.


Gleason What a Joke!!!

After the cuts cut the mayors job then cut the saleries of the administrators they are way over paid as it is !!!!

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Go Mayor Gleason

Go Mayor Gleason

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Yeah, go and take the rest of

Yeah, go and take the rest of the dead weight with you! If you choose to pay more taxes, the town hall takes cash, checks, and credit.

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Cut, Cut, Cut... like an Emo

Cut, Cut, Cut... like an Emo run wild! Then, let's start looking at payroll, benefits, and redundancies!


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