PETA: Can blueberries not sardines

PROSPECT HARBOR, Maine (AP) — The owners of the defunct sardine cannery in Prospect Harbor are working on a deal to sell the plant to another seafood processor. But one group is throwing cold water on the idea.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has written a letter to Maine Gov. John Baldacci encouraging him to press for something other than seafood processing at the site.

PETA official Tracy Reiman says "lobsters and fish are smart, sensitive and unique individuals who should be respected, not killed and canned." Reiman suggests using the plant to package blueberries instead of seafood.

Canned sardines
(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

In this Thursday, April 8, 2010 photo, sardines travel down the canning line at the Stinson sardine cannery in Gouldsboro, Maine. The sardine cannery, the last one operating in the U.S., will shut down this week.

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 's picture

wrong call!

Scottie-  Wrong call to put the NRA in the same group as PETA and MCLU.  If not for some of the NRA members, more of those poor individual moose and deer would be hit by those nasty cars and trucks that don't realize that moose and deer can not read and therefore do not know where all of the MOOSE and DEER CROSSING signs are that our all knowing State Workers put up.

And Mom- Deer and Moose are part of the food chain also.  Some of us can them in those big cans called freezers.  Have you ever tried to BarBQ a blueberry steak?  Or make some blueberry jerky?


 's picture

Ms. Reiman Needs To Step Up Then

As PETA seems to have deep pockets its time for them to put their dollars where their yaps are!


Send up a few bucks to Washington County and bail these poor folks out. Till then Ms Reiman go hug a few trees and open your eyes to the real world.

 's picture

These people are on the edge

I agree with "welcome."  Come on PETA put your money where your mouth is and buy the factor and run it for the benefit of the people who are " smart, sensitive and unique individuals who should be respected."

 's picture


Doesn't PETA realize that stupid statements like this just hurt their cause and credibility?  These groups (also MCLU, NRA, etc.) always go too extreme and become nut jobs.  As a footnote: I had lobster this past weekend and that "smart, sensitive and unique individual" was damn tasty!!!!

 's picture


The PETA people should get a life. That quote was one of the most assinine utterences they have made in a while. I for one am very sad to see the sardine canning factory closing. The fish were some of the best, but they probably knew that! The price was right also. Less than half what it costs for the foreign sardines.  Most of all , I feel sad for all the workers that are losing their jobs. Yes, they can retrain, but for what??? and the benefits do not last.

 's picture


Since they seem to have more money than they know what to do with, I think PETA should come to Maine, purchase the factory, hire back the employees with full benefits and turn a two-three month season into a 12-month season canning those dumb, unfeeling blueberries.

 's picture

Lobsters and fish are individuals?

Okay, does that mean that we shouldn't kill and can (or freeze) beef, chicken, duck, pork,goose, deer, moose and anything else that God put on this earth for us to consume? Are you saying they are dumb and ignorant 'individuals' and deserve to be killed and canned? Can you  say that you and members of your organization do not cunsume any of the above mentioned animals as well as any of the sea life? Oh please! Dont waste the Governor's time with your nonsense. He has bigger fish to fry.

 's picture

lobster and fish are individuals

Thanks for letting me know that lobster and fish are individuals.  I never would have known of peta hadn't told me.  Duh.


Then instead of calling them sardines, they would be called lobsterines or herrbsters or some other combination of lobster and herring.  Oh and peta,  I just finished making the best seafood chowder,  lobsters, scallops, shrimp, and haddock.  Man it was delicious.  I think Peta ought to try some.


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