Burglary at Hosmer Field well house

RUMFORD – Four teenage boys were arrested late Sunday night on charges of burglary and theft in connection with a break-in at a well house at the Hosmer Field complex.

Rumford police Cpl. Doug Maifeld said Tyler White, 19, of Penobscot Street, Rumford, Cory Virgin, 18, of Backkiingdom Road, Mexico, Marcus Collins, 19, of Backkingdom Road, Mexico, and a 16-year-old Mexico boy were arrested at 11:13 p.m. by officers Lawrence Winson and acting Cpl. Scott Mills.All

All four were charged with burglary, theft, criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools. In addition, White was charged with violating conditions of release in connection with a prior conviction for burglary.

White, Virgin and Collins were taken to the Oxford County jail in Paris. Virgin was able to provide bail costs and was released. Collins was unable to provide bail and remained in jail Monday. White also remained in the jail Monday.

The juvenile was released to his parents. He is scheduled to appear in Rumford District Court on June 8.

The three older teens are scheduled to appear in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris on July 16.

Maifeld said the two Rumford officers heard sawing sounds as they patrolled the walking path at the Hosmer Field complex. The boys were caught sawing copper piping. Several pipes had already been removed. The locked fence around the building had been forcibly entered as was the building. Several burglary tools, including a hack saw, wire cutters and leather gloves were found with the boys, police said.

Maifeld said the amount of damage to the fence and building has not yet been determined.

This is the first time in a while that copper thefts have been reported. He said the last such theft took place a year or two ago when someone broke into a house and stole several thousand dollars worth of the metal.


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Hosmer criminals

These young men should be shown no mercy.  It's time that court gets tough. Damages should be paid in full day of their trial and if unable jail until paid in full. Let's hope parks department puts up security cameras that have been only talked about. Guess it's time for higher fences with locked gates. Open 8 to 4 like police department


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