Maine GOP hopeful decries job losses

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine Republican gubernatorial hopeful Les Otten says state government has done too little to prevent a job flight from one of Maine's premier employers, Jackson Laboratory.

Les Otten
Robert F. Bukaty

Maine Republican gubernatorial hopeful Les Otten speaks at a news conference to unveil his blueprint to create new jobs, Tuesday, April 20, 2010, in South Portland, Maine. Otten is one of the seven Republicans seeking the Blaine House. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Otten said Friday the lab is considering a partnership with Florida to build a $710 million genetics research institute there. Otten says it would begin with 200 employees and could increase to 7,000.

Otten says Maine "just threw up its hands" on Jackson's Florida expansion. He says Maine could have used some of the stimulus funding it received to compete for the expansion.

His comments drew criticism from rival Republican candidate Peter Mills, who said Otten's inflating the number of job losses for political purposes.

The other candidates seeing the GOP nomination include Steve Abbott, Bill Beardsley, Paul LePage, Matt Jacobson and Bruce Poliquin.

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Richard Begin's picture

Where is the Real' L B Otten'?

Here is what puzzles me about the Candidacy of Les Otten former Owner of Sunday River and the American Ski Company'Les tells us on the Campaign Trail and on television with his 'Slickly'produced Commercials that he wants to be Maine's Number # 1 Job Creator' Now he has a Plan in a Book form and yet his competitor's also have something like that as well.


Position Papers are 'Part & Parcel to a Candidate's Virtual Pedigree'. Now we all know about the 'Up' and Downs' of the 'American Ski Company' Two years with Little or not enough Snow . An over accellerated Grand' plan to become the Largest operator of 'Ski'Resorts' in the Nation.

I recall that when the Ipo was tendered and the initial Price of the 'ASC' stock was  $18.00 per share' I knew many an investor who bought into the Dream . many who invested countless Dollars, in some cases Hundred's of thousands of Dollars only to have their investment go 'South.

I also wonder just how successful Western Maine Energy Dystems is doing since it opened with the 'Usual 'Otten' Flair and 'Regalia'?I have been told that many in the Media regard Les as a 'Snake Oil Salesman' a 'Real Bomb Thrower'..

Can Maine afford affor to 'Take yet Another Leap of Faith' what about two years ago when Mr Otten was opposed to the Casino in Oxford. I and many of you will recall 'Mr Otten' standing shoulder to shoulder with Former State Senator 'Rick Bennett' of Oxford and Legislater 'Jim Hamper'  also from Oxford.

 But Now it seems that Mr Otten has reversed his thinking about a Casino in Oxford, of course such a change of 'Heart might have been influenced by the knowledge that 'Susan & Rubert Grover of  Grover Gun drilling of Norway are very prominent fundraisers for MR Otten how cozy is that.


Yes 'Les' we all have many questions for yoyu and some will be revealed next tuesday when the Financial report comes out. For then we will learn How Much Money 'Les' has raised as opposd to how much he has loaned his own campaign.

Inmany ways Les Otten has waged a 'Textbook Campaign' but when all is said and Done' How many Democrats and Independents cross over and Vote for Peter Mills . because Mills can earn their Votes and Les can only Wish for their Votes and 'We all know That Old Maine Saying 'You can wish in one Hand and S'''''T in  the Other





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