Palin rallies tea partiers in Boston with anti-tax message

Sarah Palin
Charles Krupa

Sarah Palin gives a thumbs up to the crowd following her address during a stop of the Tea Party Express on Boston Common in Boston, Wednesday, April 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

BOSTON (AP) — Sarah Palin rallied the tea party movement near its historical roots with a pre-Tax Day message, telling Washington politicians that government should be working for the people, not the other way around.

Addressing roughly 5,000 people assembled in the morning sunshine near the site of the original Boston Tea Party, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee accused President Barack Obama of overreaching with his $787 billion stimulus program and criticized the administration's health care, student loan and financial regulatory overhauls.

"Is this what their 'change' is all about?" Palin asked the crowd on Boston Common. "I want to tell 'em, nah, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion — and you can keep the change."

With husband Todd looking on, she added: "We need to cut taxes, so that our families can keep more of what they earn and produce and our mom-and-pops then, our small businesses, can reinvest according to our own priorities, and hire more people and let the private sector grow and thrive and prosper."

Palin, who served as Alaska's governor for 2 1/2 years, played to the crowd as she trotted out a trademark line while lobbying for more domestic energy production.

"Yeah, let's drill baby drill, not stall baby stall— you betcha," she said.

The gathering harkened back to 1773, when American colonists upset about British taxation without government representation threw British tea into the harbor in protest.

"I feel like I'm taking care of my son and daughter and grandchildren's business," said Mary Lou O'Connell, 72, of Duxbury. She listed "deceit" and "gentle corrosion of the political process" as two concerns and toted a sign reading, "Start Deleting Corruption Nov. 2010."

Another attendee, John Arathuzik, 69, of Topsfield, said he had never been especially politically active until he saw the direction of the Obama administration.

"I feel like I can do one of two things: I can certainly vote in November, which I'll do, and I can provide support for the peaceful protest about the direction this country is taking," said Arathuzik, a veteran who clutched a copy of the Constitution distributed by one of the vendors who had set up shop amid locals heading to work and walking their dogs.

A festive mood filled the air. A band played patriotic music, and hawkers sold yellow Gadsden flags emblazoned with the words "Don't Tread on Me" and the image of a rattlesnake.

Notably absent was Sen. Scott Brown, the Republican who in January won the seat held for half a century by liberal icon Edward M. Kennedy.

He cited congressional business, which included hearings about the Iranian nuclear program.

"That's a heck of a lot more important than him being here right now," conservative talk show host Mark Williams told the crowd.

Brown kept the movement at a respectful distance during his campaign last winter, concerned if he gets too close, he risks being aligned with the tea party's more radical followers. Some have questioned the legitimacy of everything from President Barack Obama's U.S. birthplace to his college degree.

The rally was the next-to-last event in the 20-day, 47-city Tea Party Express tour concluding Thursday in Washington.

Palin also helped kick off the tour in Searchlight, Nev., hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democratic target of the movement.

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 's picture

You people need to wake up


Taxes not going up for the middle class????? BULLSHIT! 

Ok, so maybe some people got a break (that amounts to about a 6 pk of beer) BUT all other taxes are skyrocketing. The only people that don't see this are the ones sitting around waiting for their handout. THOSE HANDOUTS come from someplace.... and that someplace is TAXPAYERS! 

I realize about 1/2 of the population has NO CLUE about taxes because tax day is pay day for them. Guess what... that money comes from someplace - mostly small businesses and people that make slightly more than you. 

Lower taxes afford businesses to be able to reinvest and offer better benefits and pay - THIS is better for workers, the economy AND yes... the small business owner. 

The red tape, taxes, licensing, business insurance, operational costs, fuels... ect ect ect... Make it impossible to make a living these days. This administration wants a Nanny state where they control every dollar in and out. 

They have taken over housing, medical insurance, car industry, student loans and they are looking at controlling the internet and radio. All of this is against the constitution and threatens to take away the rights to the American Dream. 

As far as the breading FEAR????? Give me a break! PROGRESSIVES are the destructive force behind creating fear and the financial emergencies they have created to justify over taking our lives. Progressives are far too powerful these days and while some of them certainly are Republicans.... MOST are Democrats. 

Crying RACISTS is getting old too folks! THAT accusation couldn't be further from the truth about the people out there. Peaceful people that include people from ALL races..... You just don't see them because the Mainstream media makes it a point to avoid covering those protesters... they only highlight the very few wackos that do follow the movement. A movement that simply emphasizes the framework our country was built on. 

If you were to stop hating on these people and actually RESEARCH the people surrounding our white house these days.... you would find they are NOT desirable people and want to make our country socialists. Look at the beliefs and past workings of the unelected officials we now employ that have been secretively appointed by our president. When their history is brought to light ... they suddenly Disappear !  

Our Government is trying to discredit our basic freedom of speech by accusing these people of being extremists - The true extremists are now running the show while you all sit around hoping for your next handout. 


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great post.

Great post.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ahhh, a voice from the land

Ahhh, a voice from the land of reason. Welcome

 's picture

Same old talking points

Taxes going up not mine.The only tax that Obama has done is on cigs.

And if you don't think that the Repubs are the party of fear.Just listen to what they are saying about Financial reform.It sounds a lot like what they had been saying about all that has been proposed.It even seems that Healthcare reform and the Financial reform has the same number of pages,what ever that has to do with anything.

Just another fear tactic I guess.  

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is take home pay less

Why is take home pay less today than it was in December? But then, only someone who works would know that, right?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

God help our country now with

God help our country now with oBAMa running it into the ground.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You mean like the million man

You mean like the million man march where a couple of hundred thousand showed up?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Guess what? Tea Party goers

Guess what? Tea Party goers even have jobs. Isn't that an interesting concept? A job.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you looked in a mirror

Have you looked in a mirror lately?

RONALD RIML's picture

"Drinking the Tea" has now

"Drinking the Tea" has now officially replaced "Drinking the Kool-Aid"

PAUL ST JEAN's picture's just the other side's just the other side of the coin. You drink your Kool-Aid; we drink our Tea. Naturally, the Pirate prefers a little Capt. Morgan with his.


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