Otten is no leader

Whoopey. Lester B. Otten has his hat in the ring and would have us believe he is qualified to be the next governor of the state of Maine.

Well, this comes as no surprise since history shows he has entrepreneurial and political vision beyond the guess of man. He campaigns with rhetoric deriding and criticizing the president for reckless spending, all of this coming from the man who wrote the book on reckless spending.

Witness his poor performance as a business leader leading to the demise of American Ski, and ultimately being shown the door as CEO by the board.

Indisputable facts show his heavily leveraged infrastructure and realty speculations contributed substantially to the ultimate demise of a once-great ski industry company. And now he would bring credentials of this ilk to the table in support of his candidacy?

Can Les take Maine in the direction it needs to go? I think not.

Loren B. Feldman, Sabattus

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Otten did run American Skiing

Otten did run American Skiing into the ground before he was shown the door. All of us Mainers who invested in his company, with the exclusion of bond holders, himself, and his buddies, lost 95% percent of our investment. Is this what we want from a leader?

 's picture

' Loren as usual you have it 'Wrong'

Loren if you are going to Attack a Candidate who has decided to run for Governor. At least Get the Person's First name Right it is for your info 'Leslie'.

Now I Don't recall reading any books or Articles in Fortune or the Wall Street Journal regarding Financially  realated Issues' The Reason for that is you have not been published because you don't have a Clue of what you are speaking About.Loren answere this Question for Me. How much of your Personal Wealth have you invested into the Maine Economy? How many Jobs have you been respondsible for creating?

Whyat could you know Operating a 'World Class Buisness? Loren this is what I think you know and that is 'Squat' Nada' Zero'

Do us a favor next Time you submit a Piece of Trash like this Letter be a little more Creative in your Assult. In case you have not noticed In 'the America that I live in we respect 'Risk' Takers like 'Leslie B Otten'But very few like a mean spirited 'wretch' like you


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