Calling concealed weapons owners

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 's picture

Tell me Tron, was the food

Tell me Tron, was the food better in the Mental Institution or the Jail?

 's picture

Sorry, I don't have your expertise on the subject,

why don't you inform us?

 's picture

Sorry, you're wrong

I am NOT a scout leader, unlike a person you idolize.

 's picture

Perhaps Tron is upset because

Perhaps Tron is upset because he cannot obtain a concealed carry permit because of mental disease or defect or a felony conviction? Either or both would preclude him .

 's picture

Where is the censor?

Tron- you are so out to lunch.  Did your parents have any children that lived?  It must be so miserable being you!

 's picture

Dear joe public, AKA coward, again

This has nothing to do with military service, or childhood trauma or my mother, who's been dead for years.   This is about your being a eunuch who needs a gun to feel he has something worthwhile between his legs, but has to hide it.  Coward is so descriptive.

 's picture

Dear joe public, AKA coward

so you carry a weapon concealed simply because you can.  Well do you also rape and murder, simply because you can?   Of course not, because you would be caught, so you do things simply because you won't get caught.  How pathetic.  FYI, I have never been rejected for a concealed weapons permit, because I have never been been cowardly enough to apply for one.

 's picture

Absolutely, if you feel the need to carry a concealed weapon

you are a coward.  If you pissed off a former employee, then have enough guts to carry a weapon where everyone can see it.  Let people know that you are so insecure that you need to carry a weapon.  Admit that you expect a person to get even because you screwed someone and hope that the weapon will deter someone from giving you what you truly deserve.

 's picture

that you carry at all

tells us you're a small minded paranoid individual who EVERYONE should be frightened of.  Concealed weapons are not necessary for anyone.  IF you feel the need to carry a murdering gun, then at LEAST have the guts to carry it so all can see that you're doing so.  Otherwise YOU ARE A COWARD!!!!!!

John Clement's picture

i have a permit, also a

i have a permit, also a drivers license,  and do I need to remind you that Ted Kennedy's Olds Delmont 88 has killed more people that my gun?  Granted the murdering car was owned and registered to his mommy Rose but still he was the operator that evening.

 's picture

the two

have absolutely nothing to do with the other.  Just because you must cowardly carry a gun, doesn't mean you cowardly drive a car.  See, it is not the same thing.

The Very Rev. Daniel Beegan 's picture

Concealed Carry Permit

I got mine in 2007 after being stalked by a female counselee on the internet and by phone.

The drill was pretty simple, take an NRA basic pistol course from a certified instructor at a cost of about $100, plus or minus, depending on the instructor, and then apply.

In a city or town with a police department, the permit is generally granted by the chief of police.

In towns with no police chief, in unorganized plantations or territories and for all non-residents, the permit is issued by the chief of the Maine State Police.

I got mine in 2007 and must renew it again next year.

I don't carry illegally.


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