Former coach goes back to prison for violations

AUBURN — A former Little League and youth basketball coach convicted of sex crimes was headed back to prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to violating conditions of his probation.


Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, 44, of Poland admitted in Androscoggin County Superior Court that he violated five conditions of his probation. He denied he violated two other conditions also alleged by his probation officer.

Johnson was ordered to serve an additional 18 months of his sentence from earlier convictions. He had been released from prison in November after serving five years of an eight-year sentence.

Johnson also pleaded guilty to dissemination of sexually explicit materials while in prison in 2005, a Class B felony. He was sentenced to five years in prison on that charge, all of it suspended. He also must serve two years of probation.

Since his release from prison in the fall, Johnson had been forbidden from having contact with children under the age of 18.

His probation officer said Johnson violated that condition when, in January, he allegedly drove an 8-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy in his vehicle with their mother. He didn't admit to that allegation when he appeared in court for a hearing Wednesday.

He denied another violation alleged by his probation officer who said Johnson, in January, viewed nude Polaroid pictures of his past teenage victims at a South Paris home.

Johnson admitted to failing to comply with terms of the Maine Sex Offender Registry and report his self-employment with an exotic dancing business, called American Beauties. He also sex-texted a 15-year-old Massachusetts girl.

He was sentenced in 2004 to eight years in prison but served less than five.

In 2003, police charged Johnson with sexually abusing young girls in the 1980s. After that arrest, the charges kept coming.

Police said Johnson prowled Kennedy Park in Lewiston, looking for girls between 14 and 16 years old to dance for him and have sex with him.

Johnson plied the girls with alcohol and drugs while convincing them to dance nude for him and have sex for money, police said. The former coach also paid his victims to recruit other teenage girls to do similar work for money, according to court records.

In 2004, Johnson admitted that he raped three teenage girls in the 1980s and sexually abused two others in October 2002 and May 2003.

He also admitted to giving the young girls alcohol and drugs, paying one for sex and distributing pornographic material showing young children engaged in sexual acts.

In total, Johnson pleaded guilty to eight felonies and two misdemeanors, including gross sexual misconduct, dissemination of sexually explicit material, aggravated furnishing of scheduled drugs, sexual abuse of a minor and patronizing prostitution of a minor.

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 's picture

We are unfortunately no

We are unfortunately no longer a nation of laws. Politicians and Governments pick and choose laws that they will obey. Judges are pawns of prisons and correction systems that demand less time due to budget problems and lack of space. It is perhaps time to join them in deciding what we as citizens will and will not accept. I predict that unless the system is cleaned up people like Johnson will be dealth with by Victims & their loved ones once they are set free and it will not be pretty.

 's picture

Yes, Erin, I DO see a problem

Yes, Erin, I DO see a problem with the sentencing here.  Maine really doesn't take the protection of women and girls very seriously.  Sexual predators like this one get off so easy; no wonder they think that they can get away with this behavior over and over again!!

 's picture

Young girls don't know

It’s strange that when you’re a young girl 14-17 you may not think it disconcerting that a man in his 30’s is surrounded by High School age people.  Now that I am an adult and I look back at the times I spent with this man I can see where he was very slick with the girls and very sly about it at the same time.  Hind sight is 20/20 I am glad I never had any experiences as described above.  However now that I look back I can think of a few girls I know that did.  It makes me feel a bit queasy.  He looks exactly the same too and it has been 16 years!!!   Parents do you know who your kids are hanging out with and how old they are?

 's picture

Hooray for Sadie

It is refreshing to see a voice of reason on here ! Stop griping and DO something that actually makes a difference. If the tide of public opinion swells high enough, the lawmakers and judges will start rethinking their opinions and decisions.

 's picture

I've said this here before

I've said this here before and I will say it again.  But first, let me apologize to all the kind and decent men out there who work to make the world safer for children.  Look at the statistics people.  Then ask yourself what is wrong.  If the majority of sex offenders are men and the majority of law makers amd law enforcement are men, what does that tell you??  It is not a right or left issue.  Sex crimes against children (or anyone) have nothing to do with a political party. 

When I see a story like this and read the comments, I see people who are truly upset at how little these people pay for what they do.  So DO something about it!  Write to your city, state and even federal officials.  Tell them that you will not stand for victims of sex crimes being vicitimized further by these so-called "punishments".  Erin is right...Mr. Johnson *admitted* to many of the crimes he was charged with, all of them heinous and indefensible.  Why is he only serving 5 years?? 

Demand better for your children, people.  You can do it!

 's picture

Elect Judges

We need to bring is a system of electing Judges and be able to get rid of the ones influenced by Liberals, MCLU, NCAAP, President of Mexico with new ones.  The present justice system is too worried about the welfare of criminals.  That nice Sheriff out in AZ. has had the right idea for years with his tent city and Pink clothes.

RONALD RIML's picture


How about citing some of those cases where you allege the Judges were influenced by "Liberals, MCLU, and the NAACP"

Obviously the case law as construed in them will be weak.

So get those cases - and we can take a look at them.


 's picture

Does no one see a problem with his sentencing?

Admitted in 2004 to raping 3 girls and sexually abusing two others and served less than five years.  Has racked up multiple other sexual abuse charges against children since then and has shown to be in violation of parole by committing more acts of sexual abuse on children (sexually texting or sexting a 15 year old girl is considered a crime) and now he only has to serve 18 months?  I urge Maine residents to start looking at other states who take crimes against children seriously and compare sentencing in similar cases.  Its sad to see Maine become a breeding ground for sexual predators because they know they can either get away with it, or get off with a slap on the wrist.  Some one needs to wake up the DA, Legislatures and Judges in this damn state.

 's picture

Piece of crap! These 'people'

Piece of crap! These 'people' make me sick.


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