Protest peaceful in Farmington

FARMINGTON — Worries that busloads of counterprotesters would show up to disrupt Friday's Topless March for Gender Equity were unfounded.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Event organizer Andrea Simoneau tells the crowd to begin the topless march from the gazebo in Farmington on Friday.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Topless women march through dowtown Farmington on Friday.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

A large crowd gathers for the topless march in Farmington on Friday.

The marched lasted less than 15 minutes.

Protesters at the afternoon event were peaceful, including a couple dozen women who stood on the sidewalk, holding hands in prayer as the topless marchers moved along the sidewalk. As marchers passed, the women turned their backs on the demonstration, showing their displeasure with what they called "unacceptable behavior."

Dovey Balsam, who organized the silent prayer, issued a statement at the demonstration: "We, as Christian women, have come together to pray for the women that are marching. We feel that the display is inappropriate. We feel that a woman's body is sacred and should be treated with respect."

No one attempted to interfere with the demonstration along Main Street, which drew a crowd of people taking pictures, including dozens of men, some of who jeered or cheered at the passing women.

Andrea Simoneau, the 22-year-0ld University of Maine at Farmington student who organized the march, said earlier this week that she had hoped the event would be peaceful and protesters would not interfere with their demonstration.  Simoneau's father had also turned out at the event in support of his daughter, according to a report from the march.

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 's picture

What a joke

What a farce it truly is sad that these "women" feel this is the only way to get attention because I can't for the life of me see what other purpose or relevance the march had when it was not illegal to begin with.....but then again it probably will be soon, now that they put on this freak show.

 's picture

Which side are YOU on?

This whole situation made a sharp division in my hometown. Some for, some against. But what is really great is that we live in a country where this is OK.

Sure, whether or not we can go topless in a little Maine college town is not of earth shattering importance, NOW. But those who are so against it and are wailing for new laws to be made so that this "OMG horrible spectacle" does not ever occur again in our little Norman Rockwell town again need to also think, and think HARD about what they are asking for.

Do you REALLY want one more law on our books? Do you REALLY want to make this child's display (and personally, my dad would kick my butt, and I would rather die than create such  a spectacle, but hey, "this is a free country", RIGHT???) a matter for GOVERNMENT CONTROL????

I for one think this girl made some poor decisions. Choose your battles, I say, and this one was  little silly. It was cold, it is already legal, and changing human nature is like herding cats, but so be it. All she did was demonstrate (if the massive crowds containing motorcycle gangs was even a slight hint) that guys love a free peep.

Farmington, by the way, received a great economic stimulus in the deal.

ANYHOW...I digress.  This was silly, this was fun, this made Farmington a little newsworthy, no one was hurt {well, except that this girl, despite having a quality education (and what is with these people blaming the they endorsed this!..they will be glad, I am sure, to NOT have you helicopter mothers sending your kids there, BTW) will not be able to obtain a job anywhere on the east coast} and aside from traffic being a pian in the neck, we all saw a litttle history in action with a demonstration that is proof that we still (for now) have a free country for our soldiers to come home to.

I did not like this at first..mostly because it seemed silly and pointless. But I did like the bruhaha it made in the town, (OK, so I liked the drama, I will admit is Maine, after a long winter..) and the fact that we still have intolerant people who would cry and moan to legislate the right to protest ANYTHING makes me sigh and wonder if they would like me protesting their religious beliefs...freedom is FREEDOM...

 's picture

What we are seeing in

What we are seeing in farmington is the "trash' of 'Maine'on Display' Think about this would you be proud to associate with these Fools/

 's picture

Sags and bags, expected in

Sags and bags, expected in Farmington. Nothing new here. 

 's picture

common sense and morals


common sense and morals used to prevail.  What happened in Farmington today is proof that that is no longer true and as a result, laws/ordinances likely will be passed.

Why don't we do that here?

Common sense and morals.

How's that?

If you had any common sense or morals you'd understand. 

Explain the reasoning to me?

Common sense says if we don't do that here, there must be a moral reason, because this country was founded on moral principles. And we don't do it here. And if common sense and morals are going to prevail, we shouldn't do it here. Simple isn't it?



 's picture

Topless March

The only thing that comes to mind reading the story....what boobs!

 's picture


We don't do that here.

Why don't we do that here?

Because it's not right.

Why isn't it right?

Because we don't do that here, silly.

 's picture


I hope this is the end of this fiasco in Farmington . Either the town fathers pass some kind of ordinance or the State does. Some  families would like to do their weekly shopping in town and will not while this dame is loose. Many other towns and cities in this State have passed decency laws and I would think Farmington would want to. Maybe the businesses get plenty of walk-ins from the college, enough to keep them going. What a selfish stupid witch this Andrea is. If she ever gets breast cancer, she will remember this day.

 's picture

Farmington just needs a

Farmington just needs a simple ordinance against loitering with intent to annoy.


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