Don't need a puppet

I find U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud's town hall policy akin to a parking meter: A quarter goes in and Nancy Pelosi takes your place.

Michaud's mission was jobs, but he surrendered to Pelosi to work for bailouts, cap and trade, raising taxes to pay for outrageous spending and approving Obamacare when the cost-saving fabrication was only about one-sixth completed.

Interest in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Congress and ACORN, at the heart of the nation's financial woes, has been diverted for a show of flogging Wall Street, all for the news media.

There is an open door for constituents in Jason Levesque. He clearly speaks of fiscal discipline, reasonable reforms, the U.S. Constitution, states' rights and smaller, effective federal government.

Accountability rests in the public's vote. When Michaud speaks, Pelosi's words come out.

We don't need a career "Yes, Ma'am" puppet.

Maine and the nation need Jason Levesque.

Larry W. Mayes, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

And remember when.....

A Republican Representative couldn't take a crap without asking permission from Hastert the Hutt...

(My apologies to Jabba.....)



 's picture


The woes started with Bush, the unrest began when he started allowing companies to go all out, and then as a result lie to investors about how business was conducted.  The Red-Tape of the pro-Communist era Bush regime began on a sour note and ended when Obama has started to rebuild from that dodging effort left to him.  As, I recall a Republican named Graham allowed Fannie and Freddie to grow out of control without fear of being investigated.  Of, course now that the Republicans are divided against each other it is still a sour note when we cannot even get along on any issue without Pirate pouring it on about being Pro-Conservative and what a great moment in American society it has developed into.  Bush had us close to Maoism... how far would McCain have pushed it?

 's picture


The sad part of this letter is he probably believes it. Gee, wonder where he gets his news? ACORN caused the financial meltdown, seriously?

 's picture

Rep. Mike Michaud has long

Rep. Mike Michaud has long forgotten his roots. It is time for him to be replaced.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Guess your letter must be

Guess your letter must be pretty accurate, Larry. Not a word from the left wing peanut gallery.


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