Thanks for nothing

I would like to know why senior citizens in Auburn have to pay to get rid of an old air conditioner or refrigerator? The officials at Auburn Public Works and the city dump say we have to take the items to an Auburn business and pay $35 to have the refrigerant taken out and disposed of.

What is that about?

How does an older person with no vehicle and a very small budget take care of that? I certainly do not have the strength to even move them.

Where is the help now that we need it?

I heard that the new city manager is trying to save money, but at what expense? Ours?

Thank you. Now I know how the city feels about older persons.

Thank you ... for nothing.

Dolores Ginn, Auburn

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Don't wait. Shoot 'em while you still have your guns.

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Dolores, is it really the

Dolores, is it really the governments job to get rid of your old fridge? People rely on the government, which gets it money from taxpayers, way too much.


well when i brought mine I

well when i brought mine I had to pay a sur-charge which was to go to the eventual removal it was like 10.00 - 15.00 if i remember right then I have to pay again so why are the criminals who took my initial money still walking and probably still bilking us out of our money not in jail?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Bingo, fixit. That's the

Bingo, fixit. That's the catch 22 of the whole thing. You pay a "disposal fee" when you buy it, whether it's a stove, air conditioner, or a set of tires. Then, when it's time to get rid of them, the bureaucracy makes you pay again.

We should never forget; all that they are doing to us, they are doing while we still have the right to own guns. Imagine what they'll do if we ever allow them to take the guns away.


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