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This is in response to the Sun Journal story "School funding changes urged," May 3, about the city funding busing for Trinity Catholic elementary and junior high school students.

If it is dollars and cents they are really looking at, it is important to remember, first of all, that the 172 Trinity students who are currently bused are the children of Lewiston taxpayers. These taxpayers choose to send their children to Trinity.

Here are 172 students, not in the Lewiston school system, not overcrowding the Lewiston classrooms, perhaps making it unnecessary to hire new teachers.

Which is less expensive: funding busing or paying for the student to attend a Lewiston public school?

Lewiston officials should continue to fund busing for Trinity students. It is common sense.

Valerie Ouellette, Lewiston

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jcc, if you read the posts here on this story you will see that on EVERY SINGLE POST that is for continuing funding the services for trinity, the writer goes with the basic belief that trinity parents pay taxes and public school parents don't.  I just called them out on it.  Bunch of stuck-up, better than you parents.  I did not say they are all rich, they did it themselves.

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What a stuck-up bunch of

What a stuck-up bunch of supporters the Trinity school has.  They always feel like they have to tell everyone how much taxes they pay (status maybe) to support their cause.  All while at the same time having their hands out for money for free bus rides and more.  Do you really think that only welfare cases go to public schools???  So I will turn the question on you high class religious tax payers, how much exactly does your religion (oops, I mean school) charge per semester?   And yes, I pay property taxes on my home that I own - so do I get an opinion too or not?

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Not common sense

Taxpayers should not have their tax dollars used to support Catholic education.

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I thought taxpayers paid for public school buses to go to public schools. Using your logic, any senior citizen who pays their property taxes ought to be able to ride the school bus to the mall. 

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It's your choice

These families are choosing to send their kids to a private school.  The city offers schooling and transportation to the public schools.  If you choose to go a different route, you should pay for it.  A couple of analogies:  I don't want the water for my home to come from Lake Auburn, I want it from Portland - and I want the city to pay to pipe it to my house.  Kind of crazy right?   How about I don't want the city bringing my trash to the city dump, I want my trash sent to Lisbon - and I want the city transport my trash to Lisbon for free.  (I realize this is not a good analogy, comparing kids to trash, but I am trying to compare city services).   If you want to send your kid to private school go ahead - more power to you.   Just don't do it with your hand out...

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if they don't want to bus,

if they don't want to bus, then the taxpaying parents who fund the buses and public schools and also pay out of pocket to send their kids to trinity should be allowed vouchers since they are paying for services that they are not allowed to utilize. 


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