Commissioner LaBonte joins GOP

AUBURN — Androscoggin County Commissioner Jonathan LaBonte announced Friday night that he enrolled in the Republican Party earlier in the day.

"After assessing the positions of both parties in 2008, before I pulled papers to run for county commissioner, I chose to run without party affiliation," the 29-year-old Auburn resident wrote in an e-mail to the Sun Journal late Friday night. "As time has progressed, however, I have concluded that the larger challenges facing Maine and our nation require engagement in the two-party system.

"While I am not in agreement with some policy positions and political approaches of the Republican Party, I find myself more closely aligned with their principles of individual responsibility and fiscal conservatism," he said.

After going to Auburn Hall around noon to register as a Republican, LaBonte traveled to the convention center at the Portland Expo and attended some of the Maine Republican State Convention events.

From there, he went to the Androscoggin County Caucus at King Elementary School on Brighton Avenue. During the portion of the caucus that calls for the election of Republican State Committee members, LaBonte's name was placed into nomination and he was elected unanimously.

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Doreen Sheive's picture

political parties

While I believe that the party system is not what it used to be, I am surprised at how many people bounce back and forth between the parties.  Unfortunately, it appears that many people do it for opportunistic  reasons.

 's picture

An odd decision by Mr.

An odd decision by Mr. Labonte, who has been paid via government payrolls in his recent roles with the Maine State Turnpike and the Androscoggin Land Trust.

Funny what people will do to get ahead.  Is he trying to get a job with Maine Heritage Policy Center?

Robert Groetzinger's picture

!0 years majority/8 years of Bush and look at what we got

That's why you voted for Bush twice.

Thanks a lot.

And now you want us to believe you have it right. 

 's picture

Hey idiot

you were not in my district, therefore I have no bone in that fight.  Mr. LaBonte allegedly represents me.  Besides you'd already proven you're not an honorable person, so it would have been a waste of time.

 's picture

Like I care if it's good enough for you,

I railed against you for two years because you were always wrong, and I love to point out when you pea-brained right wing wackos are full of it.  And you've made another mistake of your species, last years vote was not personal, it was about fairness, a concept foreign to you.

 's picture

sorry, I guess you're too stupid to understand

what "interim commissioner" means.  He would represent Auburn's interests, and some of the other towns, during the election process.  It is strange you object so much to have Mr. LaBonte do the honorable thing.  Is it you're too stupid to understand what it is to be "honorable?"

 's picture

There would be no "special" election,

we could have it at the same time as the general election in Novemeber.  The governor would appoint an interim commissioner, but since the budget is over there really isn't anything more than routine work to do, so no "important" decisions would occur before the election, unless there's some emergency.


momof4, you have NEVER supported me, not will you ever.  I have standards and would be terrified of getting cooties from anything you'd offer.

 's picture

why don't you stick to the issues,

instead of making personal attacks?  Could it be you're too stupid to debate issues?  At least make truthful statement, granted that's a stretch for you.

 's picture

Is thorazine the meds you

Is thorazine the meds you take that fowls up you thought process Tron? If so speak to your Dr. he can help.

 's picture

Show me where I stated

that I approved of the Senator from Pennsylvania and maybe you'd have a point.  But I never said I approved, because I wouldn't, but then I don't have a say about Pennsylvania.  I do have a fight with Mr. LaBonte and he should resign, and run again if he wants, just to do the honorable thing.  I will not hold my breath.

Robert Groetzinger's picture

Shell game

Lets hope he has more integrity then he has shown so far.

 's picture

As usual armymom,

you're full of crap!  Mr. LaBonte misrepresented himself, saying he was an independent, when he was really a republican.  He chose independent status to improve his chance of winning.  In hindsight it wasn't necessary since he had no opposition.  But Auburn would not be without representation if he resigned.  A special election would be held and he would be free to run again, showing his true colors.  THAT'S the honorable thing, although I understand your inability to recognize it.

 's picture

Things are looking up

Things are looking up in places.  Very smart decision.  If all of the Democrats were able to find out who their fathers were, they could join our party also.  Sorry Tron!

RONALD RIML's picture

We know who are fathers are....

But obviously he discovered his wasn't married.

 's picture

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Who could have seen that coming?  Now will you do the honorable thing and resign, and run again as a republican?  What was I thinking, a republican doing an honorable thing?


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