Levesque excites Republicans as GOP convention kicks off

PORTLAND — Jason Levesque, a Republican businessman from Auburn running for Congress, touted fiscal responsibility and populist themes in his speech before the GOP state convention that began Friday.

Joel Page/Associated Press

Jason Levesque, congressional candidate for Maine's 2nd district, speaks Friday at the opening day of the Maine Republican State Convention in Portland. Levesque is challenging incumbent Rep. Mike Michaud.

In his first race for elective office, Levesque is taking on U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, a four-term Democrat representing Maine's 2nd congressional district, which includes Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties.

“We sit in the middle of the greatest economic struggle of our time, one that is not only in our country, but enveloped the entire world,” Levesque said to about 1,500 members of the party faithful gathered at the Portland Exposition building. “We face a great philosophical divide over where this nation should be headed.”

The federal government must stop bailing out big banks and corporations, he said.

“Job creation does not come from government," Levesque said to cheers. "American companies will provide innovation, the capital and the jobs to get this country moving forward again. If government can get out of the way and out of our wallets, we can.”

“We need to give people the opportunity to improve their quality of life and grow into our financial future without driving up national debts that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to pay off,” he said.

Levesque, a former U.S. Army drill sergeant, also made reference to global terrorism and the importance of supporting U.S. troops.

“We are a nation still at war, with unrepentant terrorists, people who want to destroy our very livelihood," Levesque said. “We must be diligent against enemies that wish to destroy us and show them no leniency. We must support our troops and make sure they have the proper equipment.”

Members of Congress have lost touch with who they represent and why, he said.

“Those members of Congress that sit comfortably in their Capitol Hill coccoon have failed to listen to us," Levesque said. "The (U.S.) Constitution was not created to give government power over the people, it was created to give the people power over the government.

“Congress members go behind closed doors, wheeling and dealing, trading votes for kickbacks. No matter what the elites in Washington say, we Mainers actually know what's best for us and our own families, don't we?”

Levesque also took aim at Michaud. He said that while Michaud calls himself a moderate, he voted for House measures to overhaul the health care reform system and a sweeping climate change policy. He also voted to increase the national debt ceiling, Levesque said.

“Folks, we can do better,” he said. “The momentum is on our side. Together, we can get Maine working again.”


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 's picture

More rhetoric from

More rhetoric from Levesque.   Maybe someday he'll actually present some type of platform.   He's a wannabee Scott Brown.  An empty suit.

He continues to bury his early embarrassment of the Auburn Public Library, where he accussed "a liberal board member" of thwarting his appearance there.  The fact of the matter is that he was unwilling to sign the form stating that fund raising wouldn't take place.

Do we want to send a partisan hack (of the minority party) to D.C. who will be completely useless and ineffective.

The clear answer is NO.

I bet he'll get fewer votes than Frary. .  

 's picture

Foreign entities?

Do you mean like the Saudi Prince who is major shareholder in News Corp and brags about manipulating Faux News coverage?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Not crybabies; we see what

Not crybabies; we see what oBAMa and his lappers are doing; we don't like it, and we're not drinking the Kool-Aid. And, guess what? Our turn is coming in 2K12. Who'll be the crybabies then?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Health care needed fixing;

Health care needed fixing; not total abolishment of the existing structure.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You got that right, Tman

You got that right, Tman

 's picture

It is time to change the

It is time to change the representation in Washington.  Mike Michaud is only voting the party line, not doing what is good for the people of Maine. Don't demonize this man just because he is GOP.  How is that hope and change working for you?

 's picture


And it would move a lot faster and smoother,maybe even stronger policies, if it was not for the OBSTRUCTIONISTS 

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who were the obstructionists

Who were the obstructionists during Bush's 8 years?

 's picture

Feed the SHEEP

Another GOP candidate telling their flock what they want to hear.

No job building,no energy plan,no health plan,no financial reform and no end to the wars. 

 's picture

Maine resources?

Are you saying that wind blowing across Maine IS MAINE'S?  An RV driving across Maine does not make the driver a Mainiac!!!


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