Poliquin goes on attack against GOP rival Otten

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — After making nice at the GOP state convention, gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Poliquin has taken off the gloves with a hard-hitting television ad targeting Les Otten.

GOP Convention
Joel Page

Bruce Poliquin

AP Photo

Les Otten

The advertisement that began airing Monday focuses on Otten's management of American Skiing Co., which grew to national prominence but later failed under a mountain of debt.

Poliquin is defending the ad, which ends with a tag line, "Les Otten, Less jobs." Poliquin's spokesman Brian Phillips says the goal was to tell the truth about Otten's business record.

Otten, who has touted his business record, has made jobs the focus of his campaign.

He said Monday he's disappointed that Poliquin went on the attack after criticizing an earlier attack ad. He says Poliquin's ad is filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies.

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Jack Kaubris's picture

Otten needs to answer this ad

Poliquin asks a good question...Why does Les Otten think that running a once profitable company into bankruptcy qualifies him to be guvnah of our state? If  Otten thinks that this is dirty politics then I don't believe that he is ready for the big show. He needs to toughen up...and answer the question.

 's picture

business as usual

Poliquin is a classic example of a politician.  After stating that there was no room in the election process for attack ads, he comes out with what is definitely an attack ad and calls it something else.  Come on, really?  Politicians are great at saying whatever sounds good in the moment...  

 's picture


If you really believe that only republican politicians attack each other, you must be an idiot.  Politicians in both parties will pretty much say and/or do anything to gain ground on their elections/positions.  Just politics as usual.

 's picture

It's time to learn about Paul LePage.

While these two guys fight about what’s true and what’s not, Maine voters have a great chance to learn more about the best candidate for Governor – Paul LePage.  If you don’t already know Paul LePage, I sincerely hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to his ideas.  For your convenience, the following links have a variety of interviews and campaign information:


Paul LePage January 16, 2010 - Maine Tea Party - Part 1 of 3



Paul LePage January 16, 2010 - Maine Tea Party - Part 2 of 3



Paul LePage January 16, 2010 - Maine Tea Party - Part 3 of 3



MaineFreedomWatchdogs: Paul LePage Interview



MaineFreedomWatchdogs: Paul LePage Interview 2



MaineFreedomWatchdogs: Paul LePage Interview 3



MaineFreedomWatchdogs: Paul LePage Interview 4



PLUS more at http://www.lepage2010.com/


Save-The-Date:  Election Day is Tuesday, 08 June 2010.

 's picture

The best candidate (Elmer

The best candidate (Elmer Fudd) has not entered the race.

 's picture

Looks like Poliquin is not

Looks like Poliquin is not familiar with Reagan's 11th Commandment...Thou shalt speak no ill of a fellow Republican.  Face it, Bruce.  You're unispiring and irrelevant. 


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