Car hits school bus carrying elementary school students

PARIS — A car ran into a bus carrying approximately 25 elementary school students on Monday afternoon on Route 119. No one was injured.

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Paris Fire Department workers jack up the rear of an Oxford Hills School District bus Monday in order to free a car from under its bumper. The accident occurred Monday on Route 119. No one was hurt.

Lt. Michael Dailey of the Paris Police Department said the accident occurred at about 3:45 p.m. A 1998 Mazda Protege driven by 19-year-old Daechia Dow of West Paris struck the underside of a full-sized school bus driven by Marion Denbow, 53, of Norway.

“The driver of the vehicle basically said she didn't expect the bus would stop that soon and actually drove underneath the rear of the bus,” Dailey said.

The bus was carrying students home from the Paris Elementary School and was making a regular stop on the route when the accident occurred. The Paris Police Department, Paris Fire Department and PACE Ambulance responded to the scene. The road was reduced to a single lane of traffic while crews worked at the scene.

Dailey said he did a walk-through of the bus to talk with students, and found that none were hurt.

“They were all calm and kind of excited about it,” he said.

The children were removed from the bus while an attempt was made to drive it forward to free it from the car. The effort was unsuccessful, and another bus was called in.

The car was removed by jacking up the rear of the bus, and about the same time the new bus arrived, so students were able to board the original bus to continue on the route.

The bus was not damaged. Dailey estimated that the Protege had $3,000 damage to the hood and windshield.

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 's picture

Pay attention!

The whole point of driving behind someone is to always expect the unexpected!! Apparently she was following a tad too close to the bus and just not paying attention! Typical! She was probably on her phone or prettying up her hair in the mirror! I have had more close calls with being rear ended by young girls then young boys...and all have been by girls playing on the phone, applying make up or just goofing around! Grow up and take driving seriously!

 's picture

A teen not paying attention

A teen not paying attention but on the cell phone.  I mean, if you cannot see a bus stopping than there's a problem with you being on the road!

 's picture

One thing you all should know

One thing you all should know is that Marion is one of the best bus drivers in this district.  I'm sure she handled this situation with a professional calmness and made sure the students were all fine.  And no one was hurt...that's a great thing.


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