Matter of comprehension

While reading the Sun Journal letters to the editor for May 4, I was very discouraged to find comments made by state Rep. Gary Knight, R-Livermore Falls.

Rep. Knight stated, "The shop steward and some fellow police officers do not comprehend the importance of high visibility in the rural towns." Knight's letter was in response to the AFSCME Council 93 Local 1828-04 endorsement of candidate Eric Samson for the office of sheriff.

Apparently, Knight does not realize that it was not an endorsement by a few members of the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department; it was a unanimous endorsement by all members of the department with the exception of six members who wanted to remain neutral.

To suggest that members of the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department do not understand the importance of visibility in our rural towns is offensive to all who provide that presence, day and night.

Rep. Knight chose to quote the "politics as usual" reference made by our chief steward while pointing out that the current sheriff attends local meetings and speaks about events occurring with his department. I find his basis for support of the current sheriff interesting when compared to the department's concerns.

David Trafford, Auburn

President, AFSCME 1828-04

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The information that has been

The information that has been shared that the Androscoggin Sheriff's Department does not allow ride-alongs for legitimate educational and informational purposes is incorrect.

RONALD RIML's picture

Who's Policy??

Sheriff or County Board???

Or is this one of those deals where they point the finger at each other, disclaiming all responsibility themselves??


RONALD RIML's picture

Liability Concerns


I would certainly understand liability concerns regarding those citizens who have no professional relationship regarding public safety, but I would expect my elected representatives to take more than a passing interest in law enforcement at all levels, and for them and the agencies to be adequately covered by insurance. 

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously you well know the

Obviously you well know the temptation and ability of politicians to wreak vengeance.

RONALD RIML's picture

Needs a "Ride-a-long"

So has Rep. Knight availed himself of any "Ride Along" Programs with the working Deputies of Androscoggin County to observe first hand what is involved with law enforcement, or did he absorb his knowledge directly from the vest pocket of Sheriff Guy P. Desjardins?

During the administrative phase of my law enforcement career I recall getting off my ass and riding with the rank and file to find out what the fook was going on.....



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