Public Works director, fire battalion chief cut in Lewiston layoffs

LEWISTON — Public Works Director Paul Boudreau topped the list of layoffs announced by City Administrator Ed Barrett on Wednesday.

City of Lewiston

Layoffs in 2010-11 budget

Director of Public Works Paul Boudreau

Fire Battalion Chief Bruce McKay

Union positions cut, with bumping rights

Fire inspector

Public Works fleet superintendent

Recreation coordinator

Public Services computer-aided design coordinator

Library Cultural Center coordinator

Police training coordinator

Part-time parking facility coordinator

Principal fire clerk (part time)

Barrett released a list of 10 occupied city staff positions cut from the 2010-11 budget. Councilors on Tuesday directed Barrett to begin staff layoffs as a way to cut the budget.

Barrett met with the laid-off employees Wednesday.

With Boudreau gone, Barrett said he plans to re-combine the Public Works and Public Services departments, with Public Services Director David Jones at the head of the combined department.

"Now it's up to Dave and his key staff to work out the details," Barrett said. "There probably will be some reshuffling and reassignment of jobs as it all gets reconstituted."

Fire Battalion Chief Bruce McKay's job was also eliminated

Eight other jobs were cut, but Barrett said those are occupied by union employees and they have bumping rights. That allows them to apply for lower-paying jobs within the same departments.

"There will be changes that people will notice," Barrett said. "The employees that had positions cut will reshuffle and it may take several days for it all to get worked out. But the end result is that one more person will lose their job because of this."

The staff cuts were made in addition to the council’s decision to leave 12 positions vacant. Those include three firefighters, two police officers, a heavy equipment operator and a carpenter in Public Works and a business office manger in the Public Services department. Cut also was a vacant secretary position in Planning, the deputy community development director and the special assistant to the city administrator. That job was commonly referred to as the city’s energy czar.

The city will also not fill the position held by Human Resources Director Denis Jean when he retires in January 2011.

The cuts amount to 21.5 employees. The city had 365 employees before the cut; after the cuts, the city has 343.5 employees.

Councilors have been working to thin a $43.6 million spending spending plan released in March. That budget would be a slight decrease compared to the current budget. Even with the cuts, the proposed budget would increase property taxes by about $150 on a $150,000 home, because of a reduction in state revenues.

Councilors Tuesday approved a staffing cut of $748,085 as the biggest budget-reducing option. It will cut the property tax rate by 41 cents per $1,000 of property value. Councilors also voted to cap a property-tax rate increase to 50 cents per $1,000 of value. That would be an increase from $24.90 per $1,000 of value in the current budget to $25.40 next year.

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RONALD RIML's picture

Rob; Now that you are asking


Now that you are asking "Bosco" to enlighten you about himself - does that make you the 'wannabee' you claim we other curious folks were when we shamed you out of the closet of anonymity??? 

 's picture

It's all about priorities,

It's all about priorities, and so many people don't have them, sorry, even the elderly.  My home is worth $150,00.00 as off a few months ago.  That would have raised my taxes 13.00 a month, and avoided layoffs.  That would be the best $13.00 a month I ever spent, to know that our firefighters, instructors and police officers had the staff they needed.  I believe anyone can come up with $13.00 a month, even that crabby old man at Hannaford the other day, who insulted the clerk for not adding his lousy 30 cent coupon, but had 3 extra large bottles of Chablis--like I said, priorities--

RONALD RIML's picture

I thought - You didn't.

Scott writes: "Who tans? White people"

Actually it's 'Vain' People.

So let them pay a "Vanity Tax." 



 's picture

I could never see why public

I could never see why public services & public works were 2 seperate departments, they do similar types of work, it always seemed to me likeBennett created a situation for 2 of his buddies to keep their high paying jobs with an abundance of staff...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You know how numbers are;

You know how numbers are; they tell the truth in a precise way. Unlike people who try to paint the truth to suit whatever they happen to "feel" at the time they witness or hear it.

 's picture

Firing of Boudreau

The firing of Boudreau should have happened a long, long, time ago. This department is the most enept, and useless department the city has. Simple illustration:  The Memorial bridge over the Androscoggin .... potholes repaired on the Auburn side, NADA on the Lewiston side, and getting worse every day.  Lewiston has money the state gives it for these simple road repairs .... where does that money go? To beautify the island divider on Russell street?  (what a waste!) How many times do you see Lewiston DPW workers on a job, one working while three are watching .... plus a supervisor in a pick up truck doing absouletly nothing!  The department needs to be cleaned out top to bottom.

And while at it, clean out city hall beginning with that idiot Mayor!

 's picture


Why then can they find reductions when forced to?  New spending ways should be stopped until they can be paid for without new taxes.  Your info is national not for Maine.  I could care less what other States average.  They don't "reform taxes" by raising taxes on over 100 new items just to save 2% on ONE level of income tax that all residents are not affected by!  It has got to the point that you are a fool to purchase any large costing item in Maine with NH so close.


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