Guilty verdicts in Maine machete trial

SKOWHEGAN, Maine (AP) — A jury on Friday found a 22-year-old Augusta man guilty of aggravated attempted murder and several other charges he faced stemming from a brutal machete attack that maimed a father and his 10-year-old daughter two years ago in Pittston.

Machete Attack
David Leaming

Defendant Daniel L. Fortune sits between attorneys Robert Ringer, left, and Pamela Ames, right, during his trial Thursday, May 6, 2010, at the Somerset County Superior Court in Skowhegan, Maine, on 14 charges relating to the machete attack on William Guerrette Jr. and his daughter Nicole in 2008. (AP Photo/Morning Sentinel, David Leaming)

Jurors in Somerset County Superior Court deliberated about four hours Friday before finding Daniel Fortune guilty in the home-invasion attack on William Guerrette Jr. and his daughter, Nicole. He's scheduled to be sentenced on June 2.

Prosecutors and Fortune's defense attorney agreed that Fortune went to the Guerrette home with his foster brother, Leo Hylton. But Fortune's attorney, Pamela Ames, maintained that he didn't know Hylton had brought a machete and knives.

Fortune blamed Hylton for the attacks. Hylton, 22, already pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Charges against Fortune includes four counts of aggravated attempted murder, attempted murder, two counts of elevated aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery and burglary. He had already pleaded guilty to a separate count of theft.

In closing arguments Friday, Ames told jurors that Fortune didn't know there would be a violent attack when he rode with Hylton to the Guerrette home. Assistant District Attorney Alan Kelley maintained that Fortune and Hylton acted together in the crime.

The attacks capped a series of events starting with the theft of a safe containing money and other valuables from the Guerrette home in 2007 and leading to the pre-dawn break-in at the Guerrette home on May 27, 2008. Hylton, accompanied by Fortune, wanted to collect a $900 drug debt they said was owed by Guerrette's teenage son, Fortune testified.

Guerrette testified that he spent a month in a coma after the attacks, and showed jurors scars on his head and arm as well as his hand, which is missing a finger. His daughter spent six weeks in the hospital and has had to wear a helmet to protect a soft spot on her head where part of her skull was removed after a fracture caused a bone infection.

He testified that he was awakened shortly before 2 a.m. by a burglar alarm on the morning of the attacks and saw a tall black man in the house. Hylton is 6-foot-6, and Fortune is shorter. Both are black.

His attempt to ward off the attacker with a handgun failed and he was struck.

Fortune, who was adopted by a Maine family and was a football star at Gardiner high school, and Hylton are foster brothers.

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 's picture


If you two numbnuts would read my post  again without adding what you think it said, I merely meant that the adoptive family MIGHT do more research before adopting their  next children.  My two sons are adopted and are now grown with families of their own and knows if someone they are riding/walking with has a batch of knives and has a machete in their pocket(?)(allegedly unseen).  I don't know how long that these two were adopted(I thought they were foster brothers)but appartently not long enough to have been influence by their new parents.  OR they are just rotten to the bone and kept locked away forever for what was done to that 10 year old girl.  Try to stop reading more into these posts and your pink panties won't get bunched up into a knot!

4 hours to deliberate??

I guess they had to stay in their chambers to discuss this loser or whatever they do behind closed doors, but I hope it wasn't to convince one of the jurors of his small was this machete and add a few knives to the mix..where did he hide these weapons???no way he didn't know , but the defense continues to defend these losers for a pay check...and then to have the gall to attack a 10 year old on top of that is grounds for death in my book..too bad Maine doesn't carry the death penalty, cause this would certainly be one that would qualify for it...and Marooned, you are and idiot..what does being adopted have to do with this??? So many people are adopted in this state and they are not bad people..maybe you should just think before you this your full time job??

 's picture

Adopted scum

Maybe his adoption parents will be more careful next time.  These two are poster children for the right to abort trash!

 's picture


Whatever that is means nothing at all to me.  These two animals can not be called "young men" you wimp!  If they wanted to rob the man again or smoke grass with the son, FINE!  But to butcher these two and especially the girl cancels any right to pity even from you.  I hope they regret every miserable thing they receive from their fellow new friends.  BTW, My two sons are adopted.


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