Sex offender notification

Sex offender notification

The following suspect meets Auburn Police Department’s policy on community notification.

Offender’s name: Gerard Soucy

Age: 62

Street address: 44 Third St., Auburn

Conviction: Sexual assault, first degree; child molestation, first degree, child molestation, second degree

Date of conviction: Nov. 8, 1993

Record location: Rhode Island

Offender’s name: Jeremy Stoddard

Age: 28

Street address: 141 Hampshire St., #1, Auburn

Conviction: Unlawful sexual contact

Date of conviction: March 12, 2001

Record location: York County Superior Court

Offender’s name: Mary St. Pierre

Age: 51

Street address: 66 Dunn St., #6, Auburn

Conviction: Sexual abuse of minor

Date of conviction: March 13, 2003

Record location: Androscoggin County Superior Court

Victim’s age: Under 16 years

Offender’s name: Matt Taylor

Age: 33

Street address: 52 Fourth St., #2, Auburn

Conviction: Possession of sexually explicit material

Date of conviction: Oct. 1, 2003

Record location: 8th District Court, Lewiston

Victim’s age: Under 14 years

Harassment or threatening of offenders is unlawful.

Gerard Soucy

2007 submitted photo from Auburn Police of Jeremy Stoddard

Mary St Pierre

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Deborah Berube's picture

So we don't have enough sex

So we don't have enough sex offenders in this state, we need another one; a 62-year-old pervert from Rhode Island.  And now, we have the picture of a woman sex offender, a 51-year-old sick bitch who molested a child.

Sue Elliott's picture

Can someone tell me why so

Can someone tell me why so many of these sex offenders are living in New Auburn?


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