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Although TransCanada might hope that its huge payouts to local communities and even conservation organizations might dazzle people sufficiently to look the other way, its plans to carve up Sisk Mountain are nothing less than another cut at the North Woods. Nor can easy money hide the fact that wind cannot change the fundamental energy economy in the Northeast. It will not create a significant number of jobs, prevent climate change, or grant energy security.

No turbines come close to generate what they promise and even if they did, we do not have the transmission line capacity to get it to the Boston consumers. No, that would require a vast network of 750KV lines and towers that would forever blight the landscape.

And if you think this is just sentimentality speaking, consider that Maine’s economic engine is its scenery. That is what brings tourists and young professional families here. Don’t take my word for it; that was the guts of the Brookings report of a few years ago: that industrial and residential sprawl are the biggest threats to Maine’s future economic vitality.

So we are soiling our own beds in the bargain that gets TransCanada a bundle of stimulus package money and the chance to sell very expensively subsidized power to southern New England.

I can only hope that LURC can see its way to protecting Sisk Mountain. The trees that fall to the proposed turbine project will echo far and wide when all is said and done.

Steve Bien, Jay

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Sisk... and Other Vulnerable Mountains

After attending the Trans-Canada/Sisk Mountain public and technical hearings, it was brought home to me just how much corruption we have allowed to bloom and grow in this state and in this country. State sanctioned bribery-- its legal term "tangible benefits"-- was not only admitted to, but it was the focal point of a Power Point slide show. So-called environmental agencies publicly admitted to being open to "mitigation"... another state approved manner of paying off those who might stand in the way of what our government wants. And currently, what the government wants is the folly of industrial wind.

Steve, thank you for speaking up. Thank you for being a voice of reason in Franklin County. The Land Use Regulation Commission will find cause to deny Trans-Canada's permit within the state laws and guidelines they are charged with applying. We've given them a hard task, but there are myriad issues which the commissioners can hang their hats on. We've got to have faith that these folks who are sworn to protect our natural resources will come through for us. As you have, time and again.


If ole Angus King is involved

If ole Angus King is involved in it the Maine people will pay and pay and pay.....


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