Wind energy firm officials to attend June 17 meeting

RUMFORD — Selectmen learned Thursday night that officials from First Wind LLC will make a presentation to the board at its June 17 meeting.

Town Manager Carlo Puiia said the Newton, Mass., firm also told him that a public hearing on the company's proposal will likely be held in late July or early August.

The wind energy developer came before the board with a tentative plan last year to construct wind towers on Black Mountain and adjacent North and South Twin mountains.

The intensity of the wind blowing on Black Mountain and North and South Twin mountains was found to be very high and could pose a problem for the construction of wind turbines, a First Wind spokesman told residents at a selectmen's meeting last November.

Since then, the town enacted a moratorium on windmills then extended the original moratorium for an additional six months so that the Wind Power Advisory Committee would have sufficient time to develop an ordinance to cover such development.

Tentative plans now call for public action on a proposed wind power ordinance at the November general election.

If First Wind is eventually successful with a plan to construct a wind farm on Rumford peaks, it would join Patriot Renewables of Quincy, Mass., and Record Hill LLC, whose principals include include former Maine Public Broadcasting Network President Robert Gardiner and former Maine Gov. Angus King, with wind projects planned in the River Valley area.

Prior to the board's regular meeting Thursday, a public hearing on the town meeting warrant was held with few comments made by the 30 residents attending.

Selectmen have recommended a $7,463,986 municipal budget for 2010-11, which if approved by residents would be about 1.2 percent higher than the current year's budget. The Finance Committee's recommendations came in at about 1 percent less than the current $7,371,125 operating budget.

Residents will adopt a new budget through a referendum vote on 42 articles at the June 8 election. Townspeople will also act on several new ordinances or ordinance amendments at that time.

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 's picture

Focus on the business at hand

The SelectFools have seen to it that there is no chance that there will be any economic development from windpower at least until October with unilaterally extending the moratorium. The citizens voted in the moratorium for six months and it would have seemed appropriate to ask them if they wanted to extend it not for the selectfools to do it when they would not take a stand on anything all last year. But that is neither here nor there windpower is off the table at least till October and we have serious business starring down at us, we have a town meeting coming up and these spineless wonders have come forth with a budget 1.2% higher than last year. They have not owned up to there being someone waiting in the wings with another big tax abatement to stun us like last year or denied it either. We need to focus on the business at hand, that being the bankrupting of the town and the taxpayers. Every registered voter needs to show up on voting day or get an absentee ballot and vote down every article accept the library and the fire dept because they did save money last year and they did come in below last year. The library is below the budget two years ago and the fire department is below a few years before that. We also need to get rid of as many of the spineless selectfools as possible that sent this thing to us. We have the chance to get rid of three of them in one shot and get a new majority in one day, that's rare. We could have a new majority sitting on the board a week after elections to work out a real budget for us.

Before I forget, I checked out Under the Dome by Steven King, the First Selectman Andy could have been fashioned after Frank Diconzo the yes man for the used car salesman Jim Reny who is just like Brad Adley and the lady selectman Andrea could have been Mark Bellanger don't show up or leave early (prior commitment) when an important vote is going on so as not to offend anyone. That replacement Police Chief sure is reminiscent of Chief Carter and the "special" deputies could be any number of Rumford's finest. Someone ought to see if King was writing about Rumford.

Just go vote on June 8th or absentee.

Brad Blake's picture

Desperate First Wind

I can't believe the cohones of these thieves from First Wind to come back to Rumford. Do they take the town to be idiots? They are so desperate to get something up and running to try to salvage themselves from impending default on the short term loan coming due in June. They teeter on the verge of bankruptcy once again, just as they did when they mothballed Stetson II last year, only to be salvaged by $115 million gift of your TAX money by Obama.
The Chinese turbines and Brazilian blades that have been moldering under snow and ice all winter that they bought for Lincoln (the eastern Maine twin to Rumford!) have either got to go up so they can sell Renewable Energy Credits and get 30% of their cost paid up front by Obama (YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!!) or the components will be seized for collatoral for the loans they will default on.
Please, Town of Rumford, tell these thieves, the sons of Enron, to not even bother coming to the area. If we need any cost effective electricity, crank up the gas turbines in Rumford full tilt and tell costly, unpredictable, unreliable wind developers to go to Hell.

Rob Pforzheimer's picture

NO to First Wind

Don't let these subsidy sucking criminals, First Wind, ruin your mountains and your community.
The only thing green about industrial wind is the money the wind developers make at our expense.

As for Kurt Adams, what he did was illegal. Isn't just having ex-parte communication with parties to the case before you illegal, When you are on a commission like the pUC? They must have had these ex-parte communications in arranging Adam's crooked deal.

Lisa Lindsay's picture

Not to mention

that they pulled the rug out from everyone in Massachusetts who thought Cape Wind was a good idea. Just a week after gaining approval of the project, they announce that the cost to build it would be as much as THREE times the original estimate. Plus MA residents' electric bills will go up and up. This is what happens when you aren't paying attention, folks. I know that those in Rumford will not be fooled.


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