Poliquin has no answers

The vicious attacks on Les Otten by Bruce Poliquin’s campaign are not only unnecessary but inaccurate.

It becomes quite apparent that Mr. Poliquin has no answers to solve the problems of the unemployed in Maine and the resulting impact on our economy.

Otten has taken timeless hours meeting with business owners discussing their problems and what can be done to correct them. He has a plan and knows how to implement it.

Otten is a decision-maker and successful businessman with a history of accomplishments. He understands that in order for business to grow and create jobs, government needs to be streamlined.

I support Les Otten as our next governor.

Jeffrey Watts, Hanover

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Les Otten and his cronies

Les Otten and his cronies walked away with millions while the common stock holders lost pretty nearly their entire investment when he mismanaged American Ski Company.

 's picture

And why...

is his Skiing Empire no longer on the stock market or even in existence? Both of them are bummers!


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