Auburn Police arrest two men in connection to separate drag racing incidents that led to crashes

AUBURN — Four area people are charged in connection with two separate drag racing incidents on Center Street, both resulting in accidents and one seriously injuring an innocent driver.

On Monday, Shawn Pelletier, 21, and Steven Harris, 24, both of Lewiston, were each issued a summons on a charge of driving to endanger after an accident shortly before noon Monday on Center Street.  Pelletier, who initially fled the scene of the crash, was also arrested and charged with violation of conditions of release.

Harris and Michael Dozois, 31, also of Lewiston, were transported to Central Maine Medical Center after the crash. Both men were listed in satisfactory condition Monday evening.

According to Auburn police, Pelletier and Harris were racing on Center Street in Auburn when Harris' Honda Civic collided with a Dozois' Hyundai as he exited the Pep-Boys parking lot. Harris had to be extricated from his vehicle by Auburn firefighters.

According to the Auburn police, Dozois and Harris were transported to Central Maine Medical Center, where both are listed in satisfactory condition.

A press release issued by police also reported a separate street racing incident Friday night, also on Center Street, that ended in a crash. The drivers of both vehicles in the Friday night incident were also charged.

The police reported that vehicles driven by Andrew Hall, 21, of Lewiston, and Rose Goupil, 19, of Turner, were racing north on Center Street on Friday night when Hall's vehicle went off the road when he failed to negotiate a left turn onto Townsend Brook Road.

Hall was arrested on charges of criminal speed and violation of conditions of release, and Goupil, who initially left the scene, was later located and given a summons on a charge of criminal speed.

Submitted Photo

Steven Harris’s Honda Civic collided with a Hyundai operated by 31y/o Michael Dozois of Lewiston. Dozois was exiting the Pep-Boys parking lot onto Center St. Harris had to be extricated from his vehicle by Auburn Firefighters.

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 's picture

The SJ has a girl named Pat

The SJ has a girl named Pat Thetic who delets posts she does not like.

 's picture


The old saying boy's will be boy's ? There was a good place to race off Lisbon St. As a boy back in the 60's . ( WAS ).

 's picture

Remember the teen who killed

Remember the teen who killed a friend who was his passenger in a similar incident in Lewiston a few years ago? The driver as I recall never really accepted responsibility and he and his mommy will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately they appeaared to have neither remorse or empathy for the victim or his family. Sad that people are bringing up children without having the necessary parenting skills in this day and age.

 's picture

I beg to differ--I work on

I beg to differ--I work on Center Street, and have witnessed two people racing, with one in the turning lane--so yeah, where there is a will, there is a way-you perhaps, may be the ignorant one--and if they weren't racing, they sure as heck were trying to figure out who had the fastest vehicle, would you call that by a different name as well?

 's picture


Welcome to the generational collapse of our country,folks...Kids today aren't satisfied unless they push the envelope...Been happening alot lately...No matter what's said or done,more people are going to be invloved in the same stupidity,whether they are the cause,or the innocent ones that BECOME involved due to these ignorant kids that seem to think that they are badass....Punks will be punks. LF-It's NOT happening here!

 's picture

You are spot on EZ

You are spot on EZ

Don Raymond's picture

Sorry, good parents couldn't teach me how to spell discipline!


Don Raymond's picture


Another sad case of ignorance.
Couple of young adults that think they have something to prove race each other as they probably have many times before but this time with very serious consequences.
You can blame lots of entities and people here but ultimately these two should pay for their actions. Good parents don't always equal kids with good judgment. I thank God no one was killed this time.

 's picture


At 21 and 24, I hardly think that Mommy and Daddy are responsible for their child's actions, no matter how foolish they are--sorry,there comes a point in life where we need to be accountable for ourselves, your comment doesn't make sense.

 's picture


If these idots wanted to race, go to oxford plains. I've seen too many accidents on center street. I was in one. some idiot was in a hurry to get to somewhere near the ground round when it used to be there and passed cars in the turning lane into to where
i was turning into the old movie rental place that used to be by kinkos across the street.
just another case of bad parenting and not caring what your child is doing. If I were the parents i would take his car and keys away for life...


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