A lack of common sense

I took my children to Montello Elementary School on May 19 for what should have been a fun time at the book fair and ice cream social. It was, however, not a good time. There were throngs of unsupervised children there. Kids were pushing, shoving and being generally very rude. Their parents were not there to redirect them and the staff presence was very small.

I saw unsupervised children taking books and electronics from the library without paying for them. The kids opened packages, threw items on the floor and pocketed many trinkets for sale.

Why was that allowed?

The librarian was all alone in the library. She had to sell the book fair items and try to watch the 50 kids rummaging around the items for sale. During the 10 minutes we were in the library, I saw her stop three children from stealing. I fear many more got by.

I am paying customer and concerned parent. I will not be attending another Montello School book fair. There needs to be someone at the entrance to the library who does not let kids into the book fair unless they are with an adult.

I was very shocked at the lack of values I witnessed and the lack of common sense by the school.

Aimee Maheux, Lewiston

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Calling All Volunteers

Consider this a call for voluteers to help the Montello Parent ,Teachers, and Friends Club (PTFC) for 2010-2011 school year. The PTFC is always, always, always, looking for volunteers.

The next PTFC meeting should be Sept. 8, 2010 (always the second Wednesday of every month) usually from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Montello School. Everyone is invited!

It's always the same four or five volunteers that plan, coordinate, and put on activities for a school with over 700 students. I challenge all parents and friends of Montello School to get involved and volunteer next year.

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just ignore tron. he's

just ignore tron. he's looking for a fight and will claim anything in order to get attention. just ignore him, most of us do.

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Even if it were cultural, it

Even if it were cultural, it does not mean that it's inherently racist. Read the Tracton and Roadville study. It outlines cultural differences in literacy and communication.

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I'm not covering anybody's

I'm not covering anybody's butt and I'll go the next step and say what you've been trying to dangle bait for... I've witnessed abhorent behaviour from, mostly Somali children at LPL. That said, we're talking about kids who were never brought up in a society where it was understood that the library is the place where the old lady put her finger to her lips and went Shhhhhh. We walk so tenderly around our immigrant population that we forget to tell them the difference between the mall and the library. Even so, there are obvious cultrual differences in our methods of communication.. again I point to a case similar to Tracton and Roadville. Now, I'm sure that you'll turn observation and comparison to a scientific study to racism and probably blame Bush... I'm not a Republican by the way... but in making such a jump you will only expose yourself further as a troll.

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i think that she means that

i think that she means that we as the american culture are raising children that are like that. out of disconcern and lazilness, we are raising generations of theives and animals. most people outside the usa also see that.

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Bad parenting

People simply no NOT teach their children how to act properly. There seem to be few parents that are willing to take the time or simply don't care what their kids do.
As the single parent of a 17 yr old son I have seen incidents like this over and over. Pisses me off since I worked very hard to instill values and respect in my son- despite holding 2 jobs pretty much his whole life. Funny thing is that these "cool" kids don't suffer any consequences .
Makes it seem almost unfair to insist our kids act properly while they watch the other kids having such a good time acting like animals and getting whatever they want.

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Have you ever seen the public

Have you ever seen the public library after four? Same scene... just saying.

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More volunteers could have prevented this matter, BUT parental responsibility of their offspring would have done the job properly. Some people should not even be allowed to have children.


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