Wilton lounge gets license renewed

WILTON — On a vote of 4-1 Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen approved renewal of a liquor license for Anthony Bradley, owner of Tony's Restaurant and Lounge.

The board had postponed a decision on the application at its last meeting after police Chief Dennis Brown indicated he had reservations. Brown told the board Tuesday that his department received complaints about "overserving" alcohol at the lounge and he had spoken with Bradley about it.

Bradley asked the board to consider the number of people there in a year compared to seven complaints about people leaving the establishment after drinking too much. He also said he and his bartender had just received certification for responsible serving after taking training, and he has a van and provides rides home for customers who need it.

"They should be cut off before they get to the point of needing a van," Brown said.

Wilton officers are now undergoing more training to help enforce laws in bar settings and would be getting the owner's permission to do more policing within the establishment, he said.

The lounge has a terrible record, Selectman Irv Faunce said, and suggested the board deny the application.

"There is a problem," Selectman Russell Black said after hearing about the complaints. "It's your business and the responsibility is on your shoulders," he told Bradley. He said Bradley needs to show the board he has heard and addressed concerns before coming back for renewal next year.





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 's picture

I do not think this is

I do not think this is unfair! I think it is unfair to judge him by previous owners mishandling of their patrons. I think what happened in the past was unfair and the judge and verdict was unfair, but This man had nothing to do with it. Chief Brown is concerned, he has had a few complaints, wants people shut off before van is needed. If I went to the bar and had 3 drinks in 2 hours, I would be legally drunk, but still able to function, Therefore to avoid a ticket I could use the van. And before you all jump on me. Yes I have eaten here, but have never had a drink here, but that choice is mine not yours! I would like to know the number of calls Wilton has gotten related to this lounge, compared to the number of DUIs they have stopped in Wilton, that were coming from somewhere else.

The pasta resturant has a bar, you aren't complaining about that. You all are being bigots regarding this place and sterotyping Tony in with the past owners. Some of you should know better!

 's picture

It's not about bigotry.

It's not about bigotry. Chief Brown did not state that he has had complaints about drunks leaving the new pasta place. If I heard that from the town, then I would be concerned about that place, too. You're right. There are plenty of people getting drunk at home or at other places, but in the case of this bar, the selectmen and police KNOW it is a source of drunk drivers. They can't always know where the parties are, so they can only do what they can. And in this case, they chose not to. Score one for your side. You have nothing to complain about.

 's picture

Right he( Chief Brown) did

Right he( Chief Brown) did not say that nor did I say he did regarding the Pasta Company, I would only like to know the comparisons, was my question and not just about here but all DUI's. And yes look up the word bigotry and discrimination, Tony is receiving both. They are doing what they can and why is it score one for my side? I have no stakes in this vote, It doesn't affect me personally. I just think that someone is being punished or discriminated against because of a building. If he opened these establishment somewhre else would this still be a hot topic?

 's picture

Ms Cerqueira, I don't know

Ms Cerqueira, I don't know you personally but I am so sorry for your loss. This issue must have stirred a lot of sorrow for you. I was not at the meeting, but not sure it would have made a difference. For whatever reason, this guy's getting a pass from the town.

 's picture

This is a mistake. It seems

This is a mistake. It seems the Chief and members of the Board know it is a mistake but were not brave enough to shut this down. We need business in Wilton, but ones which are run responsibly. A van? So they can continue to serve alcohol and make money off these drunks? There's nothing positive about this situation. Get 'em drunk and then drive them home where they can beat their wives or whatever. Crazy stuff. Makes me wonder about who is running Wilton.


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