Bates students plan rally

LEWISTON — Bates students have begun organizing on Facebook to "protest police brutality."

An event was created titled "Bates College Won't Stand for Police Brutality" to publicize a 2 p.m. rally in front of Hathorn Hall. According to the event's description, the demonstration is in response to "multiple instances of violence from police officers towards Bates students [which] have been recorded."

At 11 a.m. more than 70 people had responded that they would attend the event.

A Facebook group has been created as well.

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 's picture

For the record, QueenBee, you

For the record, QueenBee, you are right; there are some pretty rude comments on this blog. I do believe that there are some pretty shifty tactics exercised by the police in arresting people; this is not the first time that this sort of thing comes to light. Refusing to read Miranda rights to a suspect and macing them in the face while handcuffed constitutes police brutality. Drunk or not, this should not happen to people by police. Good for you, Bates students, for calling attention to this disturbing situation!!!

 's picture

Smart Enough I'm Sure!!

The Bates College student on the news tonight was arrested because he was "trying to help his friend" and was concerned that she was being arrested and he would not know how to find her afterward. Really? Maybe try the jail?? If you see an officer arresting ANYONE you should back off or you will be arrested too. I'm sure the students were all drinking and I FULLY SUPPORT THE OFFICERS. Shame not on Bates College but on this group for not having the respect for law officials to end the party when it was obviously time to call it a night.

 's picture

The odds of a police officer

The odds of a police officer having a broken leg in 2 places when responding to a call.....what do you call that??

 's picture

give me a Break..

give me a Break..

 's picture

please sun journal!!!

this is why i have a problem with sun journal and rarely go to their site anymore or check their postings because there is lack of controlling rude comments to others. using comment like 'infantile brain' to what have you... to people making comments specifically towards others because they choose to pick a fight with someone... BUT if someone writes in caps because they can't see even though they have a 24" flat screen monitor they get 'threatened' by patti patty-or whoever is the person to monitor this crap. i'm sorry, but i have to express my frustrations with sun journal for not keeping up on this kind of stuff. i dont want to read it or see it. there is good debate then there is bashing and its not right. unfortunately yes-yes you do have to monitor peoples comments to make it pleasurable for other people who want to enjoy sun journal. i just can't believe the majority of those who post on your site or fb and what they say to their fellow neighbors. every single little thing that we do or say in life shapes and portrays us. if i was to call someone stupid or idiot or infantile brain or uneducated then that would only make me look that way... right? please sun journal, please keep up on this. maybe write a waiver paragraph before comments on your site that is big enough for everyone to see. i like sj dont get me wrong-but this has been getting out of hand for a long time now.

 's picture

thank you. i respect

thank you. i respect disagreeable or uninformed opinions. there is good debate then there is bashing... i think that there is a noticeable difference between the two. i will not hesitate to report something that violates the policy.

i would say to those who feel like they are being bashed for expressing their opinions or want to respond to someone who is looking for a fight-don't feed into it. its better left alone than to get yourself caught up in some immature, useless behavior. you can make a valid point all the while being respectful... i think it makes more of an impact that way. x

RONALD RIML's picture

So the individual officers

Have been charged, tried, and found guilty of 'Brutality' in either an administrative or criminal proceedings?

Or the Batesies have absolutly no idea of Constitutional Due Process???

And they cry about being accused?? Give me a brake???


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