Bates students rally to call attention to police brutality, misconceptions in media

LEWISTON — Bates College students held a rally on the steps of Hathorn Hall Wednesday afternoon to protest the police reaction Wednesday morning and what they called a history of intimidation.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Spencer Collet speaks on the steps of Hathorn Hall at Bates College on Wednesday afternoon.

"The actions that local law enforcement took and the blatant misrepresentation given out  by the press have turned a mediocre night into a disastrous one," said Freshman Spencer Collet.

More than 100 students turned out to listen to Collet and sign petitions condemning police reaction Wednesday. Joe Musso, a Junior at the college, said the petitions would be turned over to college President Elaine Tuttle Hansen.

Police clashed with students drinking and partying in front of Smith Hall early Wednesday morning. They arrested 11 students charging them with disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and refusing to submit to arrest.

"This attention is extremely welcome because it gives us an opportunity to right these wrongs," Collet said. "Bates College has never been about inaction. We've never been about sitting idly as injustices are done and we've never been about incivility. We intend to use discourse and the legal system to get the justice we so dearly deserve."

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 's picture


Let me get this straight....we; "townies" shouldn't post our biased opinions on here because this is between Bates and the LPD? So why are you on here giving your opinions? Sorry to hear about the Bates student killed years ago; I wasn't on this site back then and would've spoken out against it if I were! Last time I checked perfectly fine young men and women are doing stupid things like this. They're the ones who stayed out of it. No ones lives are perfect. I just hope they learn from the mistakes they made and us as well as themselves to move on.

 's picture


In one whole paragraph you yourself laid judgment to everyone of the "townies" as being hypocritical. Quote; "everyone who has posted on this forum has made mistakes"; unless you knew each and every "townie" you can't lay claim to that. And to say that these students who worked hard to get into a top-25 institution is going to cure diseases and fix our economy is a bold statement. Unless you can see into the future you can't make that claim either. I'll put my money on the ones who left or were never there at all. Maybe you can help me understand how these particular students can be so educated yet have no common sense as to let the EMT's help the injured in need and disperse when asked by law enforcement. Just think; if this were (heaven forbid) your child the EMT's were trying to help would you still be supportive for the students or would you be supportive to the PD?

 's picture

Liberals Arts Hypocrisy on Show

Think of this. If a group of 200 local Lewiston residents had a party in the gated security development where these Bates' students parents live, how long before nightsticks, tear gas, and tasers would be put to full use? About 30 seconds max. Wealthy Mommy and Daddy live in locked communities to avoid contact with scary lesser beings. Yet the spoiled brats label US the bad guys for not letting them block ambulances or trash neighborhoods. The LPD doesn't kiss their buts, and that goes against every sense of superiority and entitlement these elist brats have come to expect. We need to counter protest them starting riots in our town, and disrespecting the people who act as their hosts.

 's picture

Great Post 2sides. Family,

Great Post 2sides. Family, and values, and contributing to your community. We are all proud of having Bates here, I think they would be a little ashamed with this.....

 's picture


@allstate99: I'm a neighbor of Lewiston; not a townie. Last time I checked I could afford to go to bates if I wanted to. Maybe someday I will go back to college. Me; I not looking for ways to put these kids down nor make them look bad. They're doing a great job of that on their own! Tell me allstate99; what do you call successful? Does it have to do with money? Or does it have to do with how you live and how you treat others? Is a person successful because he/she is rich from wealth or is it because his/her life is rich from family and values??

 's picture

I live on College St. and

I live on College St. and have Bates Students in my apartment building. For the most part they are quiet, nice young people. There have been some in the past where the police have been here many times for loud partying and each time the police were respectful to them.

In the past they have been fights outside in the street, public drinking (loud and obnoxious) and even an attempted assault on a young woman. Did the police over-react? I do not know as I am still learning what happened there. I know this isnt Kent state and this isnt 1970. Sounds like a little discretion on both sides is needed. Nightsticks? Should have left them in the prowl cars.

As far as being an observer, well, if you are told to disperse, then disperse. This means everyone and is usually for everyone's safety.

My question is: Where was campus security? Did they call the police?

 's picture

Exactly the kind of attitude

Exactly the kind of attitude and disrespect of the "townies" that encourage your disgusting frame of mind. You will be a grown up one day and will know what it is like to deal with such disrespectful children. Good luck.

 's picture


Wow. That was a bold and honest perspective. You are applauded for your ability to see the facts and respond to them in such an adult manner. It amazes me that people say the officers were evidently get a call for your job saying they want you to go break up a crowd of 200 (most likely) intoxicated people...are you going to go in there with lollipops for everyone?

 's picture

choices; something to think about....

You as an individual make choices as to how your life is run. Either day-to-day or in government. We vote for people to help govern our lives in a society. We believe they will make the right decisions for us. They as well as ourselves decide how our laws are to be written. By you disrespecting the PD/EMT are in a sense disrespecting the decisions you made as an individual.

 's picture

To whom it may concern...

I have nothing against college students and I know that drunk behavior by some but not all students is evident all over our nation. If the EMT's were not barred and were able to assist to the person in need then fine. But if they were and that was my child/wife/sister/GF (and this is to beantown861) I would have no respect for you (students) what-so-ever! An officer of the law is not* the law; but upholds the law. An EMT helps an injured victim in need. Depriving either of them from doing their jobs in itself is disrespectful. Not only to them but to the people they are helping. I grew up respecting the FD/PD/EMT's and never felt that I was the submissive person. I can walk down any street in any town/city in any state/nation world wide and would show respect to you as anyone should show to his/her fellow men/women. But disrespect me and I will disrespect you. If I was an officer of the law and you were running from me chances are you did something wrong. If the PD asked you to disperse you should disperse; and not hang around. An unruly crowd can't exist if there aren't people around egging it on.

 's picture


Way to assume responsibility, you'll go far in life.

 's picture

The President of Bates, the

The President of Bates, the students should apologize to LPD

 's picture

Sad Day

I've had a lot of work with Lewiston Police when I worked retail and many of them are very good Officers. It is a pity that Bates students want to turn this into their rally and call. Kind of like a self-reinforced demonstration. Although, to be honest it is probably the same everywhere and in every political party the drinking party just got out of hand. Of course the kids turning it into a bullying and intimidation thing is absolute bull it is a drinking party that got out of hand. I have student loans to repay and a back stabbing professor and administration to deal with and do not have the money to satisfy any of them but Bates students do.

 's picture

These students should be

These students should be ashamed

 's picture


When you say students, do you really mean daddy big bucks writes a check for his irresponsible kid? Is that in the handbook?

 's picture



RONALD RIML's picture

Contributory negligence

The student ran when ordered to stay; this materially contributed to the officer's injuries. He can be charged in criminal court and civilly sued for damages.

 's picture

hey newsflash! college

hey newsflash! college campuses are almost always holding some sort of rally for something or other. no one notices anymore.

 's picture

So was your justice breaking

So was your justice breaking an officers leg in places??


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