Center Street accident result of racing, police say

Auburn Police Department

Steven Harris' vehile, a Honda Civic, after the crash.

AUBURN — Two men have been charged after a street race on Center Street Monday morning resulted in a collision that sent two people to the hospital.

Auburn Police Department

Shawn Pelletier

Jetta head-on
Photos courtesty of Glenn Garry

Fire fighters clean up the debris around a Hyundai that was involved in a collision at 305 Center Street. The driver, 31-year-old Michael Dozois of Lewiston, was exiting the Pep-Boys parking lot when the crash occurred.

At 11:44 a.m. police say 21-year-old Shawn Pelletier and Steven Harris, both of Lewiston, were racing on Center Street in Auburn when Harris' Honda Civic collided with a Hyundai that was exiting the Pep-Boys parking lot.  The driver of the Hyundai, 31-year-old Michael Dozois of Lewiston, had to be extricated from the vehicle by Auburn firefighters.

According to the Auburn police, Dozois and Harris were transported to Central Maine Medical Center, where both are listed in satisfactory condition.

Harris was summonsed for driving to endanger.

Shawn Pelletier, the other driver, fled the scene of the accident in his Volkswagen Jetta, police say. He was located a short time later and charged with driving to endanger and violation of conditions of release.  He is held without bail currently at the Androscoggin County Jail.

According to a press release, there was a separate street racing incident on Friday night, also on Center Street.  The drivers of both vehicles in the Friday night incident were charged.

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 's picture


Grow up.... please!
He's so freakin responsible huh? Drag raving on Center St on Monday morning.
Well.... maybe this "good job" he has will think twice about the kind of employees they have. I now I would think about it.
As a matter of fact! We FIRED a kid JUST LIKE this one last week! So yea.. I KNOW I would think twice about it!
BTW... the kid we fired has already been involved in a fatal accident and STILL races around like a fool.
YOU were also NOT THERE to see what happened... being there within a few minutes doesn't mean you were there. As stated by someone uninvolved.... THEY WERE RACING! What reason does gitrdunn have to lie?
Oh... and be careful what you say to someone on here.... admissible in court. I'd print this up sugarsweet... so when these "thugs" come to take out their infantile revenge on you for speaking against their pathetic behavior.... you can show them where the conflict started...

 's picture

you are correct that people

you are correct that people drive like idiots everyday. roads are not racetracks nor playgrounds and should not be treated as such. and we should all realize that there are more and more drivers out there: more elderly drivers, new drivers, truck drivers, motorcycle riders, buses, taxies, immigrant drivers, distracted drivers, and vacationers. there are just more people on the road then ever before and we must all be more courtious and aware of our surroundings. that is why we have new laws about street racing, cell phones, and seat belts. trying to legislate common sense. and when i'm going to be late for work, i call before i leave home and let them know so i don't feel the need to speed.

At what age does the brain

At what age does the brain develop??? Sounds like these street racers have arrested development...Of all the streets to pick to race, could they have picked a more busy one. Again where they think the laws don't apply to them, just the other drivers. Glad there wasn't a child involved in this accident, but I feel sorry for the one that had his car totaled and had to be extracted. Common sense tells me there was none on the part of the racers. Funny how others try to make the innocent in this look like the guilty one... Hope they lose their license for a good long time and have to pay restitution to the guy that was just pulling out of the parking lot and minding his own business.

 's picture

can you say police block on

can you say police block on center street? pieces of uneducated trash like these young "street racers" should have their heads examined and their licenses removed forever. these young "street racers" wonder why the police are always "harassing" them and making them follow those silly laws that don't really apply to them. there is no excuse for this behavior. mabey next time a "street racer" might run over a child who is crossing their racetrack and should have already known better. this was during the day around noon time in noon time traffic! what jerks.

 's picture

It is obvious that common

It is obvious that common sense has none.

 's picture

What about ticketing the guy

What about ticketing the guy exiting the parking lot? Last I knew cars in the driving lane have the right of way over parking lot traffic.


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