Baldacci urges voters to uphold tax reform law

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Gov. John Baldacci is voicing his support for Maine's new tax reform law that Mainers will vote on in an upcoming referendum.

In his weekly radio address Saturday, the governor said the tax change has been called the "Maine Miracle."

The law, which has not gone into effect, lowers Maine's top income tax rate from 8.5 percent to 6.5 percent. But it also broadens the existing sales tax to dozens of items that are now exempt and raises the food and lodging tax.

Mainers will vote June 8 on a referendum asking if they want to keep or do away with the law. A "yes" vote favors repealing the law, while a "no" vote favors retaining it.

Baldacci said a "no" vote will result in lower taxes for Maine residents.

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It's only the far left that

It's only the far left that perpetuates that illusion of "rich" tax cuts. Besides, if they get a bigger break it's only proportionate.. they pay more to begin with. Let's start with not giving people back more than they put in. "Deductions" should end at $0, not continue into receiving funds that were never paid.

 's picture

How about stripping down the

How about stripping down the state government? Start with a sweeping audit of DHHS, sign on to the Clinton Welfare Reform Act, cut taxes on small businesses to create and maintain jobs, eliminate redunancies in the government, stop this endless cycle of bond proposals... just to name a few. As for the rich.. I've never been given a job or a paycheck from a poor man. They earn their way in life just as the working class does and keep our economy moving when we let them. I have no problem with the rich but I do have a problem with an irresponsible government with too long of a reach.

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Vote 'YES on 1' to help Starve-The-Beast

Wow, you should read the last bullet point within “UNDER TAX REFORM” posted at - it illustrates how higher taxes from LD 1495 will be used To Make Government and their Far-Left partners Larger, Richer and More Powerful… hence, it’s no wonder Baldacci supports this piece of terrible legislation.

The Far-Left’s political machine needs to be defeated on June 8th! It’s time to Starve-The-Beast! Please
Vote ‘YES! on 1’
to support the Peoples’ Veto of 100+ New and/or Higher Maine Taxes from LD 1495.


Augusta politicians have tken

Augusta politicians have tken the voters of Maine fo fools for ages and maybe they are not wrong as the same politicians get returned to the legislature every election and the same type (tax & spend) politician gets elected as governor. Until voters wake up and smell the roses and initiate change things will not change. I love Maine, but can no longer afford to be a part of it.

 's picture

Vote 'YES on #1' to avoid Higher Maine Taxes

LD 1495 was designed by the Far-Left's political machine to raise Maine taxes even higher, but the People's Veto campaign (vote 'YES on #1') is a chance for us to stop-this-madness. Please Vote ‘YES! on 1’ to support the Peoples’ Veto of 100+ New/Higher Taxes from LD 1495... and PLEASE spread the word to help defeat the lies.

BTW, just take a quick look at the list of New Taxes at
and you’ll see that most Mainers (not tourists) will get hit with the new/higher taxes of LD 1495. *** It's time for us to stop the lies and Take Back Maine. ***

 's picture


Maybe it is time to leave Maine? Go where there are no so taxes.( Some city do ) I did and love it. No sale tax or income tax . State income tax that is >

 's picture

... And a yes vote will

... And a yes vote will result in lower or maintained taxes for lower income earners. Why should the working class pick up the tab for everyone else? Send Augusta back to the drawing board with the strong message that we are not as stupid as they take us to be.


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