Students should grow up

In my opinion, Bates College students are correct: excessive force was used during their drunken brawl. Not by the police but, by the students.

The students involved should be ashamed of themselves. They blocked an ambulance, have been accused of seriously injuring a police officer, caused property damage and have severely damaged the good name of Bates College.

However, what I find most disturbing is the complete and total lack of remorse on the part of the students once they had sobered up. Certainly not all of the students involved were unruly.

Thankfully the students are all signing a petition to present to the college president. Now she will be sure to have all of the names of the students who are no longer welcome in this community.

By the way, when can we expect the president's apology to the police and rescue personnel who responded to Bates College's call for help?

The parents of those involved might buy their ridiculous stories; however, I don't believe the community does.

The students showed very poor judgment in allowing themselves to get drunk, disorderly and who knows what else. After the fact, they have displayed a frightening lack of character by refusing to accept responsibility for their actions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The 11 mug shots speak volumes.

The students should grow up and accept the consequences for their actions.

Catherine Ferrell, Greene

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Melissa  Dunn's picture

theres no doubt that some in

theres no doubt that some in the lpd has used excessive force... was it at bates? probably. was it uncalled for? probably. there are bad seeds everywhere. all i know is that if the kids feel that way, then they have a reason too. at least they're doing something about it. so many times people that have been victimized haven't spoken up out of fear, etc. it needs to be known to be ok to speak up and take action.

RONALD RIML's picture

Batesies for Repeal of the First Amendment

Melissa Dunn and her friends over at "Batesies Against Unjust Policing" are on Facebook crying a river.

Unsigned authors of that Facebook Site are stating regarding those of us posting here:

"The trauma we felt is being openly mocked by the Lewiston community. We need to focus on reversing the trend the media has right now for toe-ing the police line and not reporting what actually happened. One Lewiston townie asked "where's brandon thonsavanh?". Well, Brando...n is in prison FOR KILLING A BATES STUDENT. We need to end this madness. "If anyone feels like legal action should be taken against him, feel free to call the local police department. I have screen shots, and the sun journal should have an archived page."

My, oh my. Batesies are now clamoring for a Police State in which the 1st Amendment of the Constitution is locked down and repealed.

You can't have it both way, kiddies.

You are too cowardly to sign your own work, and when someone does, you want their right to free speech, albeit how distasteteful, taken away. Learn some Constitutional Law, while at the same time you obeying civil and criminal law. The 1st Amendment was not designed to protect that which all could agree on, but the outrageously said.

No wonder you are disrespected as a gaggle of pampered, coddled babies.

 's picture

Drinking at Home

I can not figure out how you get this people were or would be drinking and driving since drinking ar, in or infront of their dorms is the equivalant of drinking at home since this is where they live. Since they are drinking where they live and not at a bar, they will not be drinking and driving home. No drinking and driving since no need to drive. Next, where do you think they got the alcohol? Your friends, family and neighbors thats where. These young people patronize local businesses who are mighty glad of it. Along with the money these students directly spennd in local stores, resteraunts, gas sations, garages, doctors, dentists, dry clesaners and for all the other goods and services that go into their daily living, the hefty tuition, room and board they pay, pays professors, administrators, building maintenance people at the college. The college buys goods and services locally as do all the employees and they all pay taxes. You would all be far worse off without these students. Becareful what you wish for. Lota of communities would love to have them and there moneym These kids came to school in Maine because they love to ski. I bet Bethel, Newry, or Upton would make rhem a great offer and put them right next to Sunday River.

Pauline Gudas's picture

On the money

Ms. Ferrell is right on the money. Tron do you even live in Lewiston. I believe if those Bates College students think that Lewiston is such a horrible place to be, then do the City of Lewiston a favor don't come back in the fall. Over that several days, I have read articles and the comments on what Bates College gives to the City of Lewiston. I realize that a a large number of Bates students volunteer at various places. I am sure that they do it for several reasons including the enjoyment they recieve from the actiivty but also they need references and resume builders for after graduation. I still applaud them for their contribution on their individual effort.
The bigger question is "What financial contribution does Bates College give to the City Of Lewiston?"
The taxpayers are baring the burden of the Worker's Comp and medical bills for Sgt. Ullrich. He is a fine officer and well respected in this community. What help will he recieve from Bates College for the injury??
What is Bates College's responsibilty for allowing this party to happen? Had this occured at any taxpayers' home, the taxpayer would certainly be summonsed or even arrested for providing a place for underage drinking.
Bravo to Ms Ferrell and Mainam49

 's picture

Don't pretend to speak for this community

you're not even a part of it. I believe the student MAY have a legitimate grievance, but we'll never know because the cowards of the LPD refused to have an independent civilian panel review what happened. Now their prejudiced view has to stand. A sad day for our society.

 's picture

you would lose

that bet

 's picture

Without an official sanction

the big blue wall would be impenetrable. The committee needs subpoena powers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Somone must've spiked your

Somone must've spiked your meds with exlax this morning, t...the s***'s really flowing from that brain of yours.


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